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Bridges of Cultures

30 Oct 2021 art expo

Two Iranian-Australian artists residing in Oman have been privileged to participate in the Dubai Art Expo between November 4 and 6 at The Meydan hotel in Dubai. The artists take with them, not just their chosen artworks but also the sentiments of the people of Oman since the sultanate has been their home for the past five years.

Farideh Zariv and Dr Nasser Palangi (her husband), who have been residing in Oman since 2016 and have participated in numerous joint exhibitions in Oman and the region, were invited by the organisers of Dubai Art Expo to showcase their work alongside those of 400 artists from 170 countries.

The Bridges of Cultures initiative of the Dubai Art Expo is an opportunity, not just for people around the world to view and appreciate the work of artists from varied cultures but also a platform for artists from around the globe to meet, collaborate, and learn from each other.

“This is a group exhibition with 400 participating artists from 170 countries who were selected especially for the event after reviewing the work and styles of of artists from each selected country. Nasser Palangi and I have been selected to represent Australia,” Farideh said. One work of each artist has been selected for this exhibition but Dr Palangi was privileged to present two artworks as he is considered a ‘special guest’ for the event.

Wide exposure for artists

art expo - artists
Dr Nasser Palangi and Farideh Zariv

About her participation, Farideh said, “I feel, the presence of artists in such exhibitions will flourish and grow, and they will transfer different experiences and be in contact with more audiences.” Dr Palangi added that artists will be exposed to a wider judgement and a competitive spirit at this event.

Dr Palangi further said, “Middle Eastern artists currently have varied approaches to art. One group tries to preserve their own traditional and cultural identity while another group uses various styles to express historical and social events. Yet another group of artists tries to highlight the current crises and problems in the Middle East through their works.

Dr Palangi showcases two works at this exhibition, which are symbolic of two virtues – Kindness and Love. The works call for preserving one’s cultural identity with a contemporary perspective.

When asked whether the work of some artists from the Persian Gulf region has a western influence, Dr Palangi said, “The Persian Gulf is in a special social, historical and economic context in contemporary history and the expansion of artistic activities in between has given it a special place. We are currently witnessing international art festivals, especially in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, and artists from the Gulf are merely trying to express themselves in many different ways.”

He, however, called on budding artists in the region to take up contemporary and modern art, as well as study their own cultural identity, and present their artworks using a contemporary visual language.

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