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Volunteers continue to support people of Batinah

10 Oct 2021 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – A massive effort continues to support the cyclone-hit people in the wilayats of Suwaiq, Khabourah and Mussanah.

Among many other efforts, the Barka Charity Team launched several initiatives to support the people of Batinah in which more than 400 volunteers participated. Speaking to Muscat Daily, Ibrahim Abdullah al Wahaibi, head of Barka Charity Team, informed that on Friday, more than 200 volunteers and three trucks loaded with food and cleaning supplies headed to Suwaiq.

“Volunteers offered food and water to victims of Shaheen and helped in cleaning homes inundated with floodwaters and mud,” Wahaibi said.

He added that on Saturday, 200 female volunteers headed to the Khabourah to support the women of the wilayat and offer them kitchen and household needs, including cooking utensils and diapers for infants.

“Barka Charity Team has launched another initiative to provide shelter to families who were affected by the cyclone in cooperation with a few businessmen in Suwaiq and Khabourah. The team currently has three rooms in a hotel and three apartments in a building free for any family in need,” Wahaibi said.

“The cyclone proved that we are one people united for whatever challenges our nation faces. Volunteers need to work hard in order to succeed.”

Habbat Dhofar

A campaign has been started in Dhofar to collect funds and essentials for those affected by the cyclone. Ali Akak, a citizen of Dhofar, informed that people of the governorate – in cooperation with businessmen and private companies – launched an initiative called Habbat Dhofar on Sunday. The campaign includes 70 trucks of food items and RO100,000 to buy electrical appliances for the people of Batinah.

Six electricians

A private company in Barka has launched an initiative to repair electrical appliances and provide support to the people of Khabourah and Suwaiq.

Al Mutasim al Maawali said, “We launched the initiative to support families in the affected areas. We are offering the assistance of six electricians to people in the affected wilayats. Any citizen who needs help to fix any appliance can contact us through 97888738.”

School supplies

Adel al Ghilani, an official of a joint committee for volunteers in the office of the Wali of Sur, said, “We have launched three initiatives in cooperation with the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Social Development. On Wednesday, we sent four trucks loaded with food and water to the people of Suwaiq, Khabourah and Mussanah.

“On Friday, more than 200 volunteers headed to these wilayats to participate in clean-up activities to remove debris left behind by the cyclone.”

Another campaign started on Sunday, Ghilani informed, focuses on helping school students. The four-day campaign will provide school supplies, including stationery and bags, for students in areas affected by Shaheen. “We will continue to support the people of Batinah. We call on everyone to continue to cooperate until life returns to normal in those areas.”

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