Tuesday, August 16
11:35 PM

Cyclone Shaheen: Five of a family drown in home in Khabourah


Muscat – Cyclone Shaheen caused large-scale devastation across many wilayats, but it had a particularly tragic impact on a family in the wilayat of Khabourah in North Batinah. Five members lost thier lives when their house was flooded.

According to Sultan al Ghafri, a relative of the family that lives in the Sana’a Bani Ghafir area of the wilayat, water from a rushing wadi around the house inundated the family home at midnight on October 3. “We were surprised by the heavy rains and strong winds. The wadi washed away everything in front of us.”

The five victims include grandparents and three children, aged six, five and two years. “The water level rose outside and inside the house. It was more than 4m, drowning everyone inside. Unfortunately, no one could reach them until dawn. When the water level receded, we found them dead, except for the two-year-old whose body is still missing.”

A search is underway to look for the child’s body. “We thank God that the father and mother are still alive.”

A large part of Ghafri’s own house was damaged, while his father’s was completely destroyed. “I thank God that I was with my family and able to save them and keep them away from the flooded wadi.”

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