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Vigilant cybersecurity stance with no room for complacency

5 Oct 2021

Muscat – We are living in a fast-paced world, wherein change is the only constant. People and organisations are adapting to digital means of work and life at an accelerated speed. The pandemic not only triggered remote working and learning but also sped up the pathway for enterprises to move their workloads to the cloud and hybrid environments. And thus, they have benefitted from scalability, agility, lower costs and more.

While moving forward and adapting to change is imperative, what is also imperative is to secure every such transition as pathways to every network, server, endpoint, mobile, IoT, and application are prone to get exploited by bad actors, who intend to gain control and exploit to the point of shutting down the entire operation of an organisation. In this situation, embracing a preemptive mindset by adopting robust security solutions will help enterprises combat modern-day threats with precision and ease.

The Trend Micro H12021 Mid-Year Round Up Report Attacks from All Angles, finds that in H1 2021, Trend Micro solutions blocked over 2.1mn (2,158,295) email threats in Oman, prevented over 1.8mn (1,875,671) malicious URL victim attacks, and approximately 16,980 URL hosts. Additionally, over 333,459 malware attacks were identified and stopped.

The drastic acceleration of digital transformation has led Omani organisations to move faster in a Hybrid style of working. That means newer exposed vulnerabilities and easier ways for cybercriminals to penetrate any enterprise environment. Also, bad actors still tend to leverage COVID-19 as a launchpad for phishing and ransomware attacks. This indicates that enterprises must focus on not only educating their workforce on the risks and threats landscape but also more importantly adopt a strong security framework to protect their digital estates.

Technologies like XDR (Extended Detection and Response) can be the lynchpin of this approach. XDR is a holistic investigation platform that detects cyber-attacks through many vectors such as email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, mobile, and networks and secures the overall IT infrastructure from threats. Adopting this extended approach to security will enable organisations to reach a higher level of detection and investigation that was earlier deemed as very challenging.

Following through with the right course of action and implementing smarter and advanced cybersecurity strategies will enable organisations to successfully negate modern-day threats.

Assad Arabi, managing director, Trend Micro Gulf Cluster

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