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28 Sep 2021

Oman’s best immigration consultant, M-J Global is now open in Dubai

Muscat – M-J Global is a known name for people in Oman and Sri Lanka when it comes to quality immigration procedures at low cost. Now, in efforts to expand operations, it has opened a branch in Dubai.

M-J Global is an immigration service company having operations in Oman, Sri Lanka and, now, Dubai, specialising in all kinds of visas for its clients that include, Permanent Resident Visas, Citizenship by Investment, Study Visas and Visit Visas. With years of experience, it has an exceptional list of successful clients. M-J Global is well poised to deliver authentic and quality immigration services. It deals in services for Canada, Germany, Portugal, UK, USA, Greece, Norway, Moldova, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu.
M-J Global runs on the principles of honesty, transparency and integrity and because of this it has a well-documented success rate.

The goal of M-J Global is to make applying for a permanent resident visa to the country of choice as easy as possible for its clients. This begins with a professional immigration evaluation by its team of experts.
Here, founders of M-J Global, Syed Mustafa Hussaini and Ajay Kuriakose Jacobs – a member of the Investment Migration Council who is popularly known as ‘Immigration Guru’ – talk about the future plans of the company and current developments in the world of immigration.
Q. Congratulations on the opening of your new branch in Dubai! How do you feel?
A. Thank you so much. Well, the love of the people has been great and the team’s hard work definitely shows. This is another big milestone that M-J Global has achieved.
Q. What are M-J Global’s future plans?
A.  M-J Global has been an ambitious venture from the beginning. There were many who made fun of us and discouraged our business. Today, the success we have seen through sheer hard work keeps all those negativities at bay. The milestones that the company has achieved so far are evidence in themself. Qatar is our next target and we are hopeful of opening a branch there before the end of 2021.
Q. What can we expect from M-J Global?
A.  You can expect everything we stand for as a company. Honest counselling, proper guidance, and a detailed profile evaluation. As you know, we are proud to have customers around the globe. The pandemic has only made the global reach even better in our case. We are currently re-designing our website that will enable anyone from any part of the world to avail our services without any third party intervention.
Q. What are the services M-J Global provide?
A. The three major categories of services M-J Global focuses on are:
1. Study Visa: This service is structured for all those ambitious learners to fuel their passion with a better educational qualification that enables them to pursue their dreams on the global platform. We are currently offering a portfolio of world-class colleges and universities from Canada, USA, UK and Australia for Diploma, Bachelor’s, Postgraduate Diploma and Master’s degree programs. The courses in Canada are well sought after due to its post-study work permit facility that allows students to work in Canada after they complete their studies. This opens the pathway to their permanent residency in Canada.
2. Skilled Migration: This service includes the federal skilled worker program of Canada where the candidate can choose from the traditional Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program or the new Atlantic Immigration Program. The applicant enrolls into the program based on a defined set of eligibility criteria that includes Age, Work Experience, Language Proficiency and Education. Under Express Entry, the minimum eligibility criteria is to have at least 67 points out of 100 in order to get into the Express Entry pool which is further evaluated out of 600 points based on the cumulative ranking system.

  1. Business/Investment based Immigration: This is a very elaborate portfolio where we deal in more than 25 countries, including Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Grenada, Dominica and Vanuatu. This segment is further categorised into:
    l Residency by Investment: This is a concept introduced by various countries where the applicant can start a business or do a real estate investment. Due to this activity, the primary applicant and the family gets residency of that country. In such programs, citizenship can be applied in the fifth year upon satisfying some basic criteria. For example, Portugal requires a stay of seven days per year, while Germany requires an entry once in six months.
    l Citizenship by Investment: This is a program where the primary applicant and the family get direct access to citizenship by way of government donation or real estate investment. Countries that offer these programs are Dominica, Grenada, Vanuatu, Turkey, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and Antigua and Barbuda.
    Q. You have launched the USA EB-3 program in Oman, Dubai and Sri Lanka. What is this program?
    A. It isn’t a recently launched program. We have been offering it for many years but the program has just started becoming more popular in recent times. Yes, it is a very successful program where the applicant and the family get a direct Green Card for USA. Every fiscal year (October 1 to September 30), approximately 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas are made available to qualified applicants under the provisions of USA immigration law. Employment based immigrant visas are divided into five preference categories. Certain spouses and children may accompany or follow-to-join employment-based immigrants. A direct Green Card can be obtained through EB-3 visa. A Green Card, officially known as a permanent resident card, is a legal document which allows you to live and work permanently in the USA. It is issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
    Q. So how does one get a USA Green Card?
    A. The USA EB-3 Visa is an employment based visa which allows you and your family to accompany you and get Green Cards. The ‘3’ in EB-3 refers to the third preference category of EB Visas. This visa requires a sponsoring employer and is not a ‘self-petition’ category visa. A limited number of EB-3 visas are issued every year. Out of total 140,000 immigrant visas issued for the employment category, 28.6% are allocated for EB-3. After the quota has been reached for the year, the rest of the applications are put on hold for next year.
    EB-3 allows three different types of workers who qualify for the visa. The three sub-categories are:
    l Skilled Workers: Completion of at least two years of job experience or training.
    l Professionals: Proof of higher educational degree or equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.
    l Unskilled Workers: Requires at least two years of work experience or training.

Benefits of USA EB-3 Visa
l Allows foreign workers to live in the US permanently and work.
l Allows you to travel freely within and outside the USA as well as shift and live in a different state in the USA.
l The main benefit of this visa is after a year, the job position and the employer can be switched as the primary condition of the visa is to work only 1 year with the employer who has provided the job.

Eligibility requirements to travel under USA EB-3 Visa:
l Valid and permanent job offer from a US
l Qualified to meet the job description in terms of education level and job experience
Q. In 2021, you have become a household name in the country owing to Canada’s Owner Operated LMIA program. Guess you have many happy families?
A. It is humbling to witness the happiness of so many families. The program is called Owner Operated LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment. This is a program through which applicants get additional 50 to 200 points to their CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score in the express entry pool system. 
Express entry needs 67 points to be eligible for application. The points are awarded based on age, education, work experience, IELTS etc. After this the profile is submitted and it goes into the express entry pool where the primary points are converted as per the CRS Grid and marked out of 600 points. Majority of the profiles score in the range of 280 to 400 points. Currently, the ITA – or invitation to apply – comes at 465 and above which makes it impossible for the other profiles to get invited. Through the LMIA scheme, we get additional 200 points added to the CRS making the candidate easily ready for ITA. 
The 50 or 200 points are given based on any of the following activities:
1 Buy 51% share of a company that is already running (approx. CAD 120,000 of investment). It’s a passive investment.
2 Buy 100% share of a running company ranging from CAD 80,000 and upwards and get involved in day-to-day operations. This is an active investment.
3 OR show a business concept with a minimum investment plan of CAD 100,000. 
By doing any of the above activities, the LMIA officer will award 50 or 200 points. By default, you get a work permit upon an LMIA approval, which is the biggest advantage of this program.
In the event that one gets 50 points instead of 200, the applicant will get the filing done under provincial program where they will be awarded additional 600 points and get the invitation. The only rule is that you will need to reside in that particular province for two years.
Whether it is Plan A or Plan B, the Owner Operated LMIA program will help you and your family in migrating to Canada.
Q. Could you tell us more about the European Business immigration programs?
A.  Under the European Business Immigration programs, we deal in Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Norway and Finland. These programs are known for their simplicity and fast processing time. More than the immigration aspect of it, the program is precious for those people who want to expand their existing business to a European country. One of the main advantages of this program is support from the government to those starting businesses in these countries.
The program requires a person to go and start a business in any of these countries with a minimum capital investment ranging from Euro 15,000 to Euro 50,000, and based on this proposal, the primary applicant and the family gets a resident visa of the country valid for 2-3 years (depending on the country). The processing time of these programs is between 3-5 months. As for the stay criteria, you are required to only make an entry once in six months with the full family to the respective country. The documentation process is straightforward, and you are not required to give any language examination to get the resident visa. However, being a European country, as per European Union protocol, the primary applicant and the family are supposed to clear the language examination on the fifth year before applying for citizenship. This again is supported by the government and the test can be done after 2-3 months of government supported training.
The advantages of these countries are mainly focused on the families wherein they have access to excellent medical facilities, cost effective, superior European education system and powerful passport. Passport can be applied on the fifth year after completing local language examination.
Q. Is there any way for people who are doing business to migrate to Canada without IELTS exam?
A. This is a frequently asked question and YES we do have a fabulous program called the Intra Company Transfer program (ICT). The Canada Intra Company Transfer Work Permit, sometimes called Canada ICT Visa, is suitable for key workers and owners of multinational corporations who can be transferred to work in the affiliated Canadian company, either start-up or established one.
There are many advantages of intra company transfer to Canada, as compared to applying for a regular work permit. In addition to transferring expertise of key staff to the Canadian affiliate, getting ICT Work Permit is facilitated. It does not require an LMIA, qualifies for two-week processing time under the Global Skills Strategy, as well as experience gained on ICT Work Permit can be used to facilitate immigration to Canada after one year of working for the Canadian affiliate.
Canadian and foreign enterprises must be legal entities that have a parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate business relationship. Both Canadian and foreign companies must be, or will be doing business. Doing business regularly means, systematically, and continuously providing goods and/or services by a parent, branch, subsidiary or affiliate in Canada and foreign countries, as the case may be. It does not include the mere presence of an agent or office in Canada. For instance, a company with no employees which exists in name only and is established for the sole purpose of facilitating the entry of intra-company transferees would not qualify. Evidence of the fact that a company is actively doing business such as annual reports (for public companies), articles of incorporation, profit/loss statements, partnership agreements, license to do business, business tax returns and registration with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as an employer, may be useful. Both the Canadian and the foreign branches of the company must be doing business for the intended stay in Canada of the intra-company transfers. 
Upon issuance of the Work Permit, the applicant can apply for permanent residence of Canada under Canada Experience Class.
Q. Why study in Canada?
A. There are many reasons why more than 400,000 international students choose to live and study in Canada each year.
Here are just a few:
l Qualifications from Canadian study programs are highly respected around the world
Canada has high academic standards. This will ensure that you will be earning a high-quality education experience.  It will provide introductions and open many doors to an excellent future and career advancement.  A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is highly respected around the world and often recognised as equivalent to programs in the United States and countries in the Commonwealth.
l Studying in Canada is affordable
The quality of education and the standard of living in Canada are amongst the highest in the world. Yet best of all, tuition fees for international students are lower in Canada than in many other countries such as the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. For these reasons, a study in Canada project is the preferred choice for students attending post-secondary education at college or university levels.
l Canada is known as a multicultural society
With so many of the world’s ethnic groups fully represented in Canada, everyone can feel at home in Canada.  Its rich cultural heritage provides the widest choices of ethnic food and recreational activities.
l Canada provides numerous safe and secure communities to live and study
Canada continues to rank among the highest in United Nations surveys.  It has three cities (Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto) counted among the world’s most livable, according to the Economist’s annual surveys.  As a Canadian temporary resident and while you study in the country, you can enjoy many of the same rights, freedoms and privileges that protect all Canadians.  This is the hallmark of what makes Canada such a stable and peaceful society.
l Canada offers world-class language education opportunities
Canada is a bilingual country with English and French as the official languages.  And it is a global leader in language education and training.  Here you will find many world-class language education options that will help improve your proficiency and ability in either of our official languages.   For many, language courses are also important to support an eventual immigration project (Canada permanent residence) which requires high proficiency in English or French.
l Canadian schools offer an exciting campus lifestyle
Campus lifestyle is an important consideration for many international students and Canada does not disappoint. Campuses across the country feature the latest in technology with wireless hotspots throughout enabling a rich experience featuring online interactive learning experience.  Campus facilities often include Olympic standard sports facilities, concert halls, student-managed government, radio, newspapers and on campus businesses within an expansive infrastructure.  Canadian universities and colleges typically feature the best mix of academic and leisure lifestyle in an environment that facilitates immeasurable opportunities to meet students from a varied international student microcosm.
l Canadian institutions are innovative and offer an abundance of research opportunities
Canada’s many universities and colleges are leaders in research – one of the hallmarks of a Canadian post-secondary education experience.  With a study in Canada experience, you can become a part of this important part of the Canada study landscape. In Canada, government and industry often collaborate together to support a myriad of research projects in the medical sciences, computer technology, telecommunications, agricultural sciences and environmental sciences.
l Canadian government policy offers many immigration programs for permanent residence after a period of study in Canada
Current government policy caters to a growing pool of international students with strong ties to Canada, including Canadian study credentials and Canada based work experience. Qualified students on a study permit are encouraged to apply for Canadian permanent residence under various federal or provincial immigration programs without ever having to leave Canada.
Q. Any special message for Muscat Daily readers?
A. Keep loving us, keep supporting us and keep encouraging us to bring the best to the market. We are always there as your ultimate resettlement solutions provider. As always, choose the best, choose M-J Global.

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