Tuesday, May 30
09:38 AM

Dakhliyah Municipality invites bids for 35 new development projects


Muscat – Dakhliyah Municipality has invited bids for 35 different development projects in the governorate. The bids are invited for a variety of projects, including public parks, recreational areas, commercial and tourist centres and livestock barns.

“The tenders include the establishment of some commercial and industrial complexes, such as an integrated commercial and tourist complex and a market for the sale of local and handicraft products in Jebel Akhdar on an area of 27,873sqm,” said an official.

He added, “The municipality also invites bids to establish a commercial complex in the wilayat of Bidbid on an area of 2,250sqm and another in Bahla on an area of 1,200sqm. The tenders also include the construction and operation of an integrated recreational area in Jebel Shams in the wilayat of Al Hamra on an area of 9,000sqm and the establishment of a number of barns for the sale of livestock in the wilayats of Nizwa, Izki and Manah.”

Talking about the parks, he said that the municipality has opened tenders for the development and operation of Tanuf Park in the wilayat of Nizwa spread over an estimated area of 10,789sqm, the development of the Al Seha al Hamr Park in Bidbid on an area of 21,097sqm, and the development of the popular heritage neighbourhood park in the wilayat of Nizwa on an area of 9,197sqm.

The municipality will also develop Bidbid Park on an area of 3,601sqm, and another park in Misfat al Abrieen in the wilayat of Al Hamra on an area of 3,643sqm, besides establishing an electric games area in Samail Park and another in the wilayat of Adam on an area of 4,641sqm.

The tenders also include the renting of a number of cafes in the wilayats of Nizwa and Samail, and renting a number of slaughterhouses in the wilayats of Nizwa, Bahla, Samail, Al Hamra and Adam.

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