Sunday, October 24
10:30 AM

Double trouble for Amerat homemaker as snake appears in overheated car


Muscat – Amerat resident Fatmah al Naamani encountered double trouble on Sunday morning on her way to Ghala. Just as the homemaker was pulling her overheated SUV to the side of the road, a snake appeared on her windscreen giving her the fright of her life.

Fatmah had only recently got her driving licence and was excited about her new achievement. She was driving her children to Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre when her Ford Escape’s engine starting overheating.

As the engine started smoking, she panicked and tried to start the engine again to drive to the closest fuel station. The car refused to budge and Fatmah’s teenaged son did his best to calm her down.

But that was not to be as the snake wriggled onto the windshield. The sight of the snake made Fatmah hysterical. Her hands froze and a chill ran down her spine. “I’ve been scared of snakes all my life,” Fatmah later told Muscat Daily.

“As if the car breaking down wasn’t enough, a snake had to appear. I forgot my car problem the moment I saw the snake. It’s the worst day of my life. Snakes and lizards are my biggest fear. In fact, this is the first time I came face-to-face with a snake.”

As it slithered away, Fatmah – almost hysterical now – opened the door and fled. But being under the scorching sun didn’t help. “My throat was parched, my blood chilled and I could hear my heart pounding.”
Her son, however, managed to keep his composure. He hugged her in his arms and comforted her.

A passer-by offered help. Fatmah sat in his car as she slowly calmed down.

“Eventually, the smoke from the engine stopped and it started again. I was able to drive it back home without any problem,” she said narrating the incident as she sipped tea in her balcony in the evening.

She and her family are perplexed about the snake. How did it mange to hide in the engine as Fatmah drove from Amerat to Ghala?

They have no answer but Fatmah has vowed never to drive the Ford Escape again.

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