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Ahli Islamic launches children’s account

26 Sep 2021

Muscat – A bank that has invested in the growth and prosperity of its clients, Ahli Islamic has initiated various schemes to encourage its customers to save wisely and plan for the future. Advocating this habit even amongst the younger generation, the bank has expanded its product offering by launching a special account dedicated to children.

Offering a wide range of benefits, the Ahli Islamic Children’s Account will help parents efficiently manage their child’s accounts while inculcating a savings habit amongst them from a young age.

The new Children’s Account which is targeted at children up to 18 years of age is tailor-made to suit the varying requirements of the younger population.

“Whether for adults or children, all our banking solutions follow Islamic guidelines and are Sharia’a-compliant. Addressing the changing needs of our diverse client portfolio, we continue to come up with innovative ways to serve our customers,” said Yousuf al Rawahi, DGM and head of Ahli Islamic.

“The minors along with the youth, make up a significant portion of the Omani population, and are the future of the nation. It is imperative that we instill the right values, ethics and culture in them when they are young so they are able to contribute positively to the economy when they’re older.

“The Ahli Islamic Children’s Account is a step in that direction. By giving parents of young children the opportunity to open bank accounts for their greater good and long-term security through effective fund management, we introduce a sense of responsibility amongst this young customer segment. In addition to this, our generous draws under Qitaf will further serve the objective of inculcating a savings culture amongst them which will help them achieve their future goals and aspirations.”

To safeguard the interests of the account holders and in line with the bank’s policies for minors, the Ahli Islamic Children’s Account can only be opened under the supervision of a parent. This ensures that while the account is still under the name of the minor, the parents reserve the liberty to handle the transactions.

Once the account is active, the account holder will be eligible to enter Qitaf prize, and participate in weekly, monthly and quarterly draws, along with the draws dedicated for children.
The Children’s Savings account includes many benefits which are allocated to help meet the requirements of this category, including opportunities to win cash prizes, exclusive offers and discounts on purchases, reduced profit rates on education funding, and permanent fee-free payment orders.

The Children’s Savings account allows parents to manage their children’s accounts until the child reaches the age of 18.

Demonstrating its keenness to provide best-in-class services for its customers, Ahli Islamic continues to come up with innovative plans offering customers meaningful avenues to grow their funds in accordance with Sharia’a-compliant banking.

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