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Infiniti QX80 Black Edition merges elegance, performance

22 Sep 2021

Muscat – Featuring innovative new technologies and stylish features, Infiniti QX80 Black Edition has been designed keeping in mind the unique tastes and preferences of customers in Oman. With its unique dark chrome wheels and accents, the QX80 Black Edition adds a layer that merges elegance and performance to an already commanding presence. With the black front grille mesh, dark chrome accents and black side mirrors, the QX80 applies universal design principles for a classic look. The 22-inch aluminium-alloy wheels with unique dark finishing give your QX80 a more enhanced stature on the road.

The new ‘Black Edition’ grade features dark chrome and black exterior accents highlight the front grill and fascia, side fender vents, door mirror caps and rear tailgate strip. The commanding stance is heightened with the addition of dark chrome 22-inch forged alloy wheels. Three stylish interior trim colours are also available; including ‘Graphite’, Saddle Brown’ and ‘Wheat’ with a revised Charcoal Ash Wood accent trim.

A senior spokesperson at Infiniti Oman said, “Infiniti QX80 Black Edition has been adulated by car aficionados in Oman. They are appreciative of its style and luxury. The car brings hand-crafted luxury, convenience, and refinement for up to eight passengers. The Black Edition grade has been created keeping in mind the unique tastes and likings of our customers.”


The Infiniti QX80 comes with a potent 5.6lt V8 engine. With 400hp and 560nm of torque, it gives a smooth, heady performance that really comes into its own when carrying cargo.
With Infiniti QX80 drivers can focus on the journey while the 7-speed automatic transmission’s Adaptive Shift Control responds with performance exactly when they need it. The engine gradually builds engine torque as the vehicle gains speed to unleash a smooth, continual rush of power that puts drivers in total control.

With All-Mode 4WD, drivers can have the confidence in tough conditions as it automatically moves power between the front and rear wheels for better grip. Or they can choose to switch between the 4L and 4H modes yourself: normal power with extra traction or full power with maximum traction.

They can also travel with smooth, controlled comfort using the available Hydraulic Body Motion Control system. It monitors force and adjusts the suspension for smooth flat turns without body-roll or lean.


The Infiniti QX80 design comes with little design enhancements that make a big difference. The LED head and taillights give you improved visibility. All while the auto headlights also have the Adaptive Front Lighting System, which illuminates corners by turning in the direction that you steer. Customers can choose any of the 22-inch forged aluminium alloy wheels with liquid metal or unique dark finishing.


Opulent craftsmanship using quality materials and rich textures create a sophisticated space of warmth and elegance. Owners can adapt the Infiniti QX80’s cargo space in a number of combinations to suit their needs. With all seating upright, stow approximately five large suitcases (16.6lt of space).

Everywhere one looks and touch, the Infiniti QX80 interior compliments the journey with premium materials. And with three coloured materials and two trim finishes, one can style their ride as uniquely as they are.

Safety and comfort

When Infiniti built the QX80, safety and comfort are top-of-mind priorities. Featuring an impressive suite of advanced safety features and an innovative series of World’s First Technologies, the QX80 goes the distance to help ensure every drive isn’t just a satisfying one, but a safe one, too.

When driver move to change lanes, Blind Spot Warning & Intervention warns them if someone enters the blind spot area. Then it guides them back into position with a slight steering or braking adjustment.
Using onboard sensors, Predictive Forward Collision Warning can alert driver to the sudden reduction in speed of up to two cars ahead — helping them respond and potentially avoid a collision.

Backup Collision Intervention can sense what sits beyond line of sight. It can then warn if it detects a large object behind the vehicle, and even apply the brakes if needed. To help limit forward movement, precrash seatbelts can tighten before impact to lower the risk of serious injury. To reduce the impact on neck in rear-end collisions, Active Head Restraints can move forward to create extra support.

To give the cushion most likely to reduce the chance of injury, dual-stage front air bags adjust inflation rate depending on the impact.

It helps see beyond passengers, cargo and darkness as drivers reverse with the Smart Rearview Mirror. The flip of a switch activates an embedded LCD display that gives an enhanced view from a wide-angle, high resolution rear-facing camera.

When drivers are behind the wheel, they should only need to worry about one thing: the road ahead. That’s why Infiniti designed the QX80 with comfort and convenience leading the way.

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