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Buraimi wants its rich biodiversity sites to be declared nature reserves

18 Sep 2021

Buraimi – Buraimi governorate is home to diverse natural sites full of rich biodiversity but there are no official nature reserves yet. The Environment Department in the governorate is working to change that by studying several sites and evaluating it to be proposed as nature reserves.

Eng Nasser bin Hamoud al Yaqoubi, director of the Environment Department in Buraimi Governorate, said, “There are several proposals to establish reserves. There are several natural sites in the governorate, where many studies have been carried. We hope that they will soon be announced as nature reserves.”

The Environment Department, he said, continues with its efforts to protect and preserve the environment in order to achieve adequate protection for all wildlife.

A few other studies are underway for some sites as they contain rich biodiversity as well as are home to ecological and geological formations that contribute to and support their selection as nature reserves, Eng Yaqoubi said. “These sites host many types of plants, Omani wild trees and several wild and endangered animals, in addition to endemic and migratory birds. What adds beauty to the sites is the rich topography and geological formations.”

The Environmental Department during this year implemented many projects that are in line with Oman Vision 2040 and achieving sustainability.

“Under the 10mn wild trees plantation project, 3,000 wild trees were planted. Coordination was also made with the Mazoon Dairy Company to plant more than 7,000 trees,” he said.

Muhammad bin Salem al Balushi, administrative affairs researcher in the Department of Environmental Monitoring in Buraimi Governorate, said that the department conducted a field survey in Jebel Sameini in the wilayat of Mahdah which lasted for seven months, from January to July this year.

“The aim was to document all types of wildlife that exist, whether plants, trees, animals, or birds of different kinds.”

He informed that the survey revealed a rich population of eagles, gazelle, foxes, owls, reptiles among other animals in the mountain range.

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