Tuesday, August 09
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Oman ranks high in ‘New Work’ culture


Muscat – Oman has ranked 17th in a survey that studied the functioning and effectiveness of the new work culture that has been forced on the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ‘Importance of New Work in the local business culture’ ranking, in which Oman occupies a prominent position, has been done by InterNations, one of the largest international community for people who live and work abroad through its Expat Insider 2021 survey recently.

In the GCC, UAE leads with second position globally, followed by Bahrain at sixth, Oman (17th), Qatar (18th), Saudi Arabia (19th) and Kuwait (50th).

The top ten countries where expats rate the importance of ‘New Work in the local business culture’, the highest number comes from the US, followed by the UAE, Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands, Bahrain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden.

The pandemic induced new normal has spawned a culture of ‘New Work’, to which the factors such as autonomy, freedom, creativity, personal development and self-fulfillment are closely linked to describe the new way of working in the global and digital age.

Almost 74 per cent of the working expats in the US say that ‘New Work’ plays an important role in the local business culture.

When asked to compare the importance of ‘New Work’ in their home countries and their current country of residence, 49 per cent of the working expats reached out through the survey said that the ‘New Work’ is more important in the business culture of their host country than in their home country.

Working expats from Mexico (74 per cent), the Philippines (65 per cent), Turkey (61 per cent), India (60 per cent), and Italy (59 per cent) see the difference to be huge when compared to their home countries.
In fact, their home countries do not rank particularly well when it comes to the importance of ‘New Work in the local business culture’, as rated by other expats.

Mexico is the best out of these five countries, landing on the 33rd place out of 55. It is followed by the Philippines (40th), while Italy (49th), India (51st) and Turkey (52nd) ended up among the bottom ten worldwide.
Overall, Japan (55th), Egypt, South Korea, Turkey, India, Kuwait, Italy, Spain, France, and China (46th) are the ten countries where expats rate the concept of the ‘New Work’ relatively unimportant in the business culture.
For example, 40 per cent of the expats in Japan say that the ‘New Work’ is not important in the local business world as against 18 per cent having a similar view globally.

Working remotely

One aspect of the ‘New Work’ is already an everyday occurrence for many working expats: Close to four in five (78 per cent) are able to work remotely in 2021, the survey found.

However, while 62 per cent say that they can work remotely, only 16 per cent say that they prefer not to despite their abilities to do so. Another 16 per cent are unable to work remotely due to the nature of their job, and only six per cent cannot work remotely because their employer does not allow it.

Overall, 65 per cent of the surveyed workers enjoy working remotely: More than a quarter (28 per cent) even like it very much, while just three per cent expressed their total dislike for it.

The pandemic had an effect on the remote work policies for expat employees: Nearly three in ten (28 per cent) are now able to work remotely more often than before, while another 20 per cent say remote work has been newly introduced and is here to stay.

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