Thursday, January 20
08:05 AM

Fresh hope for Oman to get back on track


With the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths significantly dropping and the vaccination campaign gaining pace, there is fresh hope for Oman to get back on track both socially and economically. The sultanate on Wednesday opened up to the world again with new procedures.

Government and private establishments are now at full strength with government staff working at 100 per cent at public offices which was limited to 50 per cent before September 1.

Many hope that life will be back to normal as the government of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik has been gratefully putting lots of effort in the vaccination campaign, easing restrictions on commercial activities, including the major declaration on inward bound travel that will act as an impetus not only to trade and commerce activities but also to entire country and its people.

Though we are still at the mercy of the virus and still need to be vigilant, everyone in Oman is optimistic about the possibility of economy to recover. Given the fact the whole world is beleaguered by the pandemic, with Oman being no exception, the relaxation of measures will definitely result in greater involvement and people-to-people engagement which is good for the economy.

Oman has made a clear strategy including making vaccination mandatory from September 1 to enter government and private sector institutions. Authorities are sending a clear message that life needs to get back to normal and in the entire scheme of things, we must not lose sight of the fact that we have to be still vigilant and follow all health protocols and not drop our guard.

According to the Ministry of Health, COVID-19 cases are decreasing owing to several reasons, including adherence to precautionary measures and vaccination. However, we should all know that the pandemic is not yet over as stated by Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Sa’eedi, Minister of Health, recently.

And the fact that the Passports and Residency Department at the Royal Oman Police will start issuing visas of all types and opening up the country to all the people of the world, which will result in more visitors as well as employees resuming duty at their respective organisations – hence moving the economy back on track.

Another good news is that the land borders between the UAE and Oman are open and this is a shot in the arm for smooth and free movement of people.

The Supreme Committee also announced September 12 to be the opening day for Oman’s public schools when thousands of children are expected to return to their classes. International schools can open according to their decisions. The academic year for 2021/22 will start on September 12 with classes begining on September 19.

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