Friday, September 17
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One dose must to access public places until Oct 15

1 Sep 2021

The Supreme Committee assigned to look into COVID-19 implications has issued a clarification on new protocols that came into force from Wednesday, including allowing those vaccinated with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to enter government and private sector facilities until October 15.

Visitors to government units, private sector facilities and users of public transport system need to have at least a single dose of the vaccine. 

‘After October 15, visitors to government and private sector establishments will not be allowed to enter if they haven’t taken the second dose of the vaccine,’ the Supreme Committee said.

Each institution (governmental or private) is obligated to establish a mechanism to make sure that those who enter its establishment are vaccinated as per the decision. 

The Supreme Committee has given government employees a grace period till October 1 to get two doses of vaccines. 

‘At least one dose is required for government employees to enter work establishments in September. They will not be allowed to come to work starting from October 1, if they haven’t received the second dose of the vaccine.’

Employees who have health conditions that prevent them from receiving the vaccine must prove it with a medical report for the abstinence.

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