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The alarm bells are ringing

28 Aug 2021

When I was much younger, few houses had a telephone. When it was installed at home it had five plus digits and we were watching how our grandparents were using this machine to speak to people far away. Gradually these phones became smaller and better equipped, with loudspeakers. 

With time, the phone became smaller and could be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Today we use the phone as a vital element of our lives, to communicate, to do business, to exchange pictures, transfer money, etc. It has become the first thing that people look at when they wake up. People often sit around the table as a family and each person looks at their phone and communicates with others, rather than talking to family members.

Technology has improved our lives; and we saw how in the past, we were using four propeller aircraft to fly from one continent to another which was quite noisy and took several hours. Today, the aircraft are almost silent and move at high speeds. Once I asked the stewardess when the aircraft would take off. She responded ‘Sir, we are already flying at 12000 feet’.

In all sectors technology has made progress and facilitated our lives. We are in the third decade of the 21st century and we see our world in a chaotic stage. Some troubles are due to the fact that we did not preserve nature. Extensive fires are there all around the world – in Greece, the US, Turkey, North Africa, and even Siberia. Earthquakes are happening more often and in many places. Floods are not just happening in some remote places in Africa, but in the heart of Europe, China, and many other countries. This is the result of our mishandling of nature, which takes its revenge. We cannot abuse nature forever.

Despite our technical progress, it seems that humans are not progressing and we could say we are losing what had given us hope. Politically, many places are governed by dictators, or people only concerned with their own benefits, not allowing any opposition. When one sees what happens to Lebanon, to Belarus, to North Korea, and now to Afghanistan, where the president flees with cash in his helicopters, one wonders why we are regressing rather than evolving. Everybody is mainly concerned about making profits at any cost. Nobody leaves this planet with suitcases filled with cash. So why this desire to gain at any cost?

The main reason is that we did not pay enough attention to education. The next generation needs to have a better understanding of real values, such as generosity, friendship, tolerance, respect of the environment and others. Look at the leadership of people such as Gandhi, Mossadegh, Willy Brandt, Charles de Gaulle and others, who were devoted to the wishes of their people and who will always be remembered. They were brought up in different environments but all had been educated with real principles and respect of others.

Without a radical change in the upbringing of the future generations, there is no hope for the survival of our planet.


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