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Sequin dresses: All that shimmers…

23 Aug 2021

Summer 2021 might be harsh, but shiny, shimmering dresses, also those with metallic finishes are bringing the party spirit back into fashion this season.

If you love making a trendy statement and bringing in some radiance in an event with your attire, sequin dresses are your sure choice. Whether long or short dresses, tops or trousers, figure-hugging or flowy gowns, sequin has a way of making anyone look beautiful and trendy.

Now that people have started moving out of self-imposed fashion hibernation, with lockdowns and movement restrictions being eased, going out is beginning to pick up. And though thronging parties may not be in vogue, formal invites to dinners, weddings and other celebrations have started trickling in, and you want to let yourself stand out in style.

Formal styles with sequins come in black, rose gold, silver, white, and a variety of combinations. For brides, white sequin is a popular choice but for others who hover around the bride, coloured sequin dresses take on countless forms, each delivering a punch of its own.

For semi-formal occasions like homecoming events, engagement photoshoots, and birthdays, multi-colour sequin dresses go well. You can match it with shiny shoes or clutches. For homecoming attire, long sequin gowns are apt. Make sure to compliment the look with silver jewellery or stones that add to the glitter.

Some feel, sequin dresses are on their own bold and flashy, so loud statement accessories and showy footwear aren’t really necessary to create a complete and polished look. Usually, when flashy accessories are styled with a sequin dress, there is a clash of interests in your ensemble and attention is drawn away from your sequin dress, they say.

Styling a sequin dress, however, should focus on keeping it simple to let the dress impress on its own. Starting with footwear, opt for solid-coloured heels that match or complement the colour hue of your dress. For example, style a light-coloured sequin dress in white or tan with light-coloured shoes or clear heels; and vice versa for dark-coloured sequin dresses as in a gold sequin dress paired with black block heels.

All year round glitter

You can wear a sequin dress all year-round. Sequin dresses are not just reserved for holiday parties, typically seen during the winter, you can totally style them for spring and summer. During the fall and winter, rock a long sleeve sequin dress for a cocktail party. During spring and summer months, a mini sequin dress is perfect for a night out or a weekend bash. You can also dress down a sequin dress with a denim jacket or by creating an illusion of a sequin skirt when you layer it with a basic or graphic tee or cropped sweater. No matter what time of year, a sequin dress is always a fab option.

For spring summer 2021, sparkling, luxurious, refined evening gowns are ‘in’ while the colour gold has been used by designers freely. Gold is a colour that puts energy, back in fashion and the perfect option to dazzle and attract attention.

The colour silver, however, is more futuristic and avant-garde – another trendy nuance for spring/summer 2021 fashion. Silver, an extraordinary reinterpretation of the colour gray, is capable of giving an elegant, modern and precious look to every outfit. Hence the gold and silver mania have conquered the international fashion runways for spring/summer 2021.


Sequin options

A gold sequin cropped top and a silver pleated skirt are among the key elements of a versatile casual sartorial arsenal. Give a classier twist to an otherwise utilitarian outfit by rounding off with a pair of gold leather heeled sandals on a hot day.

You can also combine a black and white print long sleeve t-shirt with a silver pleated skirt. These two items are totally comfortable and look fabulous matched together. To give your look a dressier finish, introduce black velvet heeled sandals to the mix for a season-appropriate look.

Pair a white dress shirt and a silver pleated skirt for a classy look. A pair of silver leather heeled sandals will make it more elegant.

A black off shoulder top and a silver pleated skirt paired together are such a dreamy getup for those dressers who love relaxed casual styles. Give a glamorous twist to this outfit by slipping into a pair of black suede heeled sandals.

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