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MoH, OPTA hail efforts of COVID-19 volunteers in Oman

18 Aug 2021

The Ministry of Health (MoH) and Omani Physiotherapy Association (OPTA) commended the efforts of volunteers in fighting the pandemic. MoH and OPTA together had launched the National Medical Rehabilitation Campaign to fight COVID-19.

OPTA has been running an educational campaign aimed at spreading awareness and providing support to health sector workers in collaboration with the Directorate General of Specialised Medical Care’s Department of Medical Rehabilitation Services at MoH.

‘The activities of the one-year National Medical Rehabilitation Campaign have been undertaken by a number of medical rehabilitation departments in the sultanate’s public and private health institutions. The drive includes three basic programmes – a fitness programme titled ‘Stay active. Stay safe’, a free online consultation programme ‘You talk. We listen’, and a community awareness and educational programme,’ MoH stated.

The third programme includes several activities like the use of educational materials for educating the community, as well as filming and producing motivational and awareness videos to exhibit successful experiences of people who have been infected with COVID-19.

Samia al Raisi, chairperson of OPTA and MoH’s head of Medical Rehabilitation Services, pointed out that the association is continuing to support individuals in particular and society in general.

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