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Escape from the city

18 Aug 2021 By RACHEL CHEW

Finally, after living in Oman for two years I went to Jebel Akhdar. Wowee… it is beautiful.

I found it hilarious but also very reassuring that the police check driving licences and the capability of the 4X4 trekking up the mountain, knowing that you aren’t going to get stuck behind a two-wheel drive. 

We arrived at Aluswjura Village and hiked up to Cave Aamur. With our hard hats on, we did a short abseil down and started our journey into the depths of the cave. The cave itself is very dark and dusty, therefore the COVID-19 face mask is very helpful. I was not expecting the cave to get as narrow as it did; at one point I had to lie down on my back and shimmy under the rocks. 

This cave isn’t for the light-hearted; some members of our group ended up turning around and going back after the smaller parts of the cave made them very claustrophobic. So I was very proud to make it to the end. The last ‘room’ as such in the cave was a big open space, with a sloping floor, which once you turned your head torch off was pitch black.

Thankfully, we didn’t come into contact with any bats, but we did find some very small lizard/gecko-like creatures (as you can tell, I’m very clued-up on animals and basically the next David Attenborough). 

To my surprise, the entrance and exit are one so the route was the same back, meaning everywhere we climbed up we now had to abseil or jump down. I will admit that at one point I sat on the shoulders of one of my friends Raghu who had to lower me down. I really recommend this cave as it gives you a real sense of adventure and pushes you to use all your muscles and strength to complete the journey with a smile. 

I found that due to the dusty air, once we were out of the cave everyone had a new lease of energy and was so much chattier. When you do exit the cave, you are greeted with the pouring sunshine bouncing off the beautiful mountains. 

We chose to visit a guesthouse; once we washed at least some of the cave dust off us, we sat on the ground looking out at the beautiful scenery while we ate a traditional Omani meal of chicken, rice and dates. 

Then, to our joy there was the soundtrack of pitter-patter of light rain. I do find it funny how I have become one of those people who truly gets excited over rain and of course always get the phone out to film it.

If you are looking to escape the city and challenge yourself at a new height, I advise you give this a go as you not only get a rush but also see some stunning rock formations and mountain views.

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