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Omani team uses virtual scalpel to remove cancer cells

17 Aug 2021

The medical team at Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Centre (SQCCCRC) has implemented the use of Partial Breast Irradiation and Hypo-SIB radiotherapy techniques to treat breast cancer patients as part of its endeavour to provide various advanced services to treat cancer patients.

Dr Zahid al Mandhari, senior consultant in Radiation Oncology and a member of the centre’s Operational Committee said, “The SQCCCRC team has completed radiotherapy sessions for the first breast cancer patient using Partial Breast Irradiation technique, a new technique using a beam of photons as a virtual scalpel to remove cancer cells accurately without damaging the healthy ones.”

The non-invasive technique speeds up a treatment programme, allowing it to be completed in five sessions within ten days, instead of having a full treatment programme that may extend from 15 to 30 sessions. 

“This technology is used only in the early stages of breast cancer. It also helps to reduce the side effects significantly, with clinical results identical to the full course of treatment.”

The Oncology Radiation Therapy Unit at SQCCCRC also managed to treat the first patient with the (Hypo-SIB) technique, which is based on giving the radiation dose and the complement dose in a simultaneous integrated session. 

“This technology can be used in different stages of cancer and it helps to reduce the duration of treatment from 30 sessions to 15 sessions. The application of these two new techniques is considered as a new addition to the medical experience in treating cancer patients in the sultanate.”



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