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Ode to ‘Mother India’

14 Aug 2021 By HUBERT VAZ

Rangrez, the Indian Social Club’s artist group, presents Yeh Des Hai Mera, a special virtual exhibition organised to coincide with India’ 75th Independence Day celebrations. This is the eighth in a series of virtual exhibitions organised by the group to keep art alive and artists active during the current pandemic.

“It gives me immense satisfaction to lead a group of artists like Rangrez because the members are always very gung-ho about accepting challenges of various kinds and coming up with beautiful creations month after month. ‘Yeh Des Hai Mera’, is our eighth this year, albeit all virtual. But virtual is how the world lives now and virtual is the buzz-word for most activities that one is able to carry out. Virtual is also a safe way of life,” said Sushmita Gupta, founder-member of Rangrez.

Around 46 artists have come together and created 55 paintings for the opening of the show yesterday, the eve of the Indian Independence Day. Indian Ambassador, H E Munu Mahavar also sent a congratulatory video message to the artists for being a part of the celebrations initiated by the Indian government called ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’. 
Soni Budhia, a senior Indian artist and winner of many art competitions, was the curator of this exhibitions. She is a sculptor, too, and specialises in oil and mixed media.

“As I look back on my journey as a curator, I feel proud, honoured and privileged. Proud because I am a member of a vibrant group of artists which believes in growing together. Honoured because I got an opportunity to curate an exhibition for this elite group of artists, and privileged for getting an opportunity to curate for the month of August on the theme ‘Yeh Des Hai Mera’. 

“Being away from our homeland, this came up as an opportunity to pour our heart out on canvas as an ode to ‘Mother India’. Through this exhibition, my attempt was to showcase the unspoken love in the hearts of the artists who are staying away, yet remain very closely tied to their motherland.”

Featured here are some of the paintings by Kajal Varshaney (Beauty of Arunachal Pradesh), Kiranmayee Jandyam (A house-boat in Allepey), Latha Guru (Maharashtrian jewellery), Radhakrishnan S (Theyyam), Shalini Kartik (Anantha), Shalini Gupta Kumar (Odissi jewellery), Shashi Hemant (Kalaripayattu), Sheffy Tattarath (Cultural beats), Trupti Bhatkal (Hampi – A monument in Karnataka) and Vaishali Sachin Thakar (Naad – essence of life).



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