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Madayn merges three of its centres to streamline structure

14 Aug 2021

The Board of Directors of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn – has decided to merge the Industrial Innovation Centre, National Business Centre and Madayn Industrial Academy into one unit called ‘Madayn Industrial Innovation Academy’.

The merger was announced at a recent meeting of Madayn Board of Directors chaired by H E Dr Sale bin Said Masan, Undersecretary for Commerce and Industry in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion and chairman of Madalyn Board of Directors.

The decision comes within efforts to streamline Madayn organisational structure, rationalise operating expenses and explore and study value-added investment opportunities in various sectors. Additionally, the merger is expected to boost performance of factories based in Madayn’s industrial cities, optimise efficiency and national capabilities through training efforts, and provide consultancy services to Madayn and its companies.

The Madayn Industrial Innovation Academy will focus on three paths or aspects – local content and opportunity development; industrial incubators and innovation; and training and rehabilitation. Through local content and opportunity development, the academy will concentrate on studying existing supply chain management in various economic sectors, develop associated investment opportunities, and provide enablers that contribute to better achieve the expected outcome such as offtake agreements and any other enablers required by the projects. 

The industrial enterprises resulting from local content and opportunity development will qualify for industrial incubators and innovation and be localised/incubated, and existing industries will be improved and developed by focusing on the innovation aspect. Being the key incubator for Omani industries, Madayn plays a significant role in providing the necessary support to industries for their advancement. 

The third aspect of Madayn Industrial Innovation Academy – focused on training, rehabilitation and consultancy studies – will provide training opportunities to national cadres to benefit from the investment opportunities resulting from local content. This aspect will also take into account the significance of providing consultancy services to Madayn and its companies to achieve strategic partnership between the academy and Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit.

The decision to merge Madayn’s three centres follows a thorough study to keep pace with current and future prospects, unify efforts, improve performance, reduce costs, and achieve sustainable factories in Madayn’s industrial cities. 

The academy aims at serving the industrial sector, providing advanced innovation solutions to meet the needs of the local market, enhancing local content, reducing imports, and boosting Omani exports to foreign markets.

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