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7 Aug 2021 By HUBERT VAZ

A unique exhibition of artworks by artists of different nationalities in Oman opened at Fikra art gallery yesterday. Titled ‘Summer breeze’, the exhibition is seen to be a means for ushering in something pleasant into the lives of people in view of the scorching summer, uncertainty in every sphere of activity this year, and the unrelenting pandemic to boot.

The participating artists also see it as an escape from everything that is going on to feel some sort of satisfaction through their art. Fikra Gallery wanted to bring many artists together and work on offering something that will bring everyone together through art, a spokesperson of the gallery said, adding that the exhibition will be on till August 25.

The works on display are by ten artists, including four from Oman – Majid al Amri, Taqwa al Maymani, Intisar al Sharyani, and Intisar al Ghanbousi, besides Nashwa Tariq (Sudanese), Simran Ali (Pakistani), Mina Rezaee (Iranian), Andrea Zarate (Colombian), Dr Shalini Gupta (Indian) and Dr Zahra Akbari (Iranian).

Nashwa Tariq, who has charted a new path for herself towards contemporary art, which she believes has a deeper meaning, explained her three paintings on display at the exhibition. “Serenity was inspired by challenges we face in life. Despite the darkness that overwhelms our souls, life sparks kind memories and overthrows the darkness by the glimmer of hope for a better tomorrow. The horse in this painting represents the need to introspect and move ahead stronger. Escape reflects a creative escape from the interpretations of art – it calls on viewers to find their own interpretation. And Fierce shows that I have always found myself drawn towards painting tigers because they signify power as well as elegance.”

Simran Ali indicated that her paintings reflect her changing mindset after she moved from her home, in Pakistan, to work and live in Australia, in an alien culture that often left her at the crossroads.

On the other hand, Mina Rezaei, an Iranian artist who has lived in Oman for many years, said that her abstract artworks are heavily influenced by nature’s glory and the inspiration she has constantly drawn form scriptural verses. With reverence to ‘the reformer of hearts and minds’ and ‘the director of day and night’, she constantly seeks a transformation of humankind to what is best in accordance to the Almighty.


Through intense expressions of complementing virtues and ideologies, Summer Breeze, hence, seems to convey the turmoil that has taken over the world in recent years and holds out a fervent plea for self actualisation and refinement. The need to simplify human existence and make it more meaningful can never be spelt out more emphatically than now – that’s the essence of this joint exhibition.



Heart and soul 

Taqwa al Maymani

My paintings convey ‘feeling’. My art revolves around old Europe. I love bringing poor people onto my canvas as they, sort of, speak to me. My work in this exhibition includes ‘Morning Flower’, a surreal experience, ‘Green Eyes’, a poor girl who haunts my dreams, and ‘Poor Angel’ depicting a hardworking elder sibling of a poor family.


Nashwa Tariq

Art in all its glory and various forms attracts me. However, I am always captivated and inspired by semi-abstract art. My journey in art was heavily impacted by my career in finance. Even through painting, I felt the shackles of reality controlled my ability to draw out a path in the art world.


Majid al Amri

I am keen about abstract art, but my inspiration keeps changing, depending on how I relate to what is relevant in society. In this exhibition, the theme of both my paintings in ‘Rebound’ – one conveying an attempt by a person to defeat his challenges and the other about a person recovering from illness.


Simran Ali

I left home five years ago to study and work in Australia, which meant a huge change in my lifestyle and environment – this is what my paintings reflect. I felt not only disassociated with society there but also that I had started disassociating with my own culture. From photorealism, I moved towards expressive brush strokes, my favourite technique.


Mina Rezaei

I appreciate various styles of different artists but I am myself tuned towards realism and abstract art. My artworks reveal the flourishing of nature. In fact, I believe, the wellbeing of the human soul is connected with the flourishing of nature in the hope that one day joy, happiness, peace and love will flood every heart and human existence will be devoid of sorrow.


Andrea Zarate

My artwork is influenced by my interest in graphic design. Through this style, I try to experiment with different themes. I have three paintings on display in this exhibition and it is an enjoyable experience to be able to showcase my work with those of different artists in different styles. We learn so much from each other in such shows.

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