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Vaccination only solution

3 Aug 2021

The world has been facing the COVID-19 pandemic since almost a year and a half. About 4mn people have already lost their lives to the virus. Nobody knows precisely how it started and nobody knows precisely how it can be fought. Every day, we hear a specialist contradict the analysis of the previous one. But all agree and confirm that the only solution, which exists today, is vaccination.

Some believe that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are the best; others prefer AstraZeneca. Still others claim that those produced by the Chinese are the best. But no matter which one you choose, for the moment the only viable solution is vaccination of all. Some countries claim success in managing the virus, including Israel and the UK. But very often we realise that these statements are linked to politics. Some other countries in Europe, such as Germany, France and Italy, are protesting to defend their right to chose not to take the vaccine. 

This new challenge concerns everybody, young and old, female or male, rich or poor. Our leaders have to think of how to preserve humanity and ensure that this planet survives. This is why they have been elected to represent the people. In some countries, they do not want to import vaccines from the US, because they are their enemy. Others are selling vaccines and PCR tests at exorbitant prices even as the US offers US$100 for people who get vaccinated. Where are we going with these attitudes? In Tanzania, the previous president was against vaccination. The new one is 100 per cent for it.

The arguments against vaccination revolve around ‘lack of freedom’. When the same people drive their cars, they have to wear their belt. They cannot say that they are free to decide. Refusing vaccination will lead to risk to the lives of others. Our leaders have to make this message clear. Nobody is losing his/her freedom by getting vaccinated. What is important is the survival of 7.6bn people and not the freedom of some selfish individuals. 

We need to ensure that the World Health Organization is the sole source which provides the information; one person provides the information in a country. The contradiction in the various opinions expressed by millions of ‘specialists’ just increases confusion and creates doubts in the mind of people. 

The new post-pandemic world has to be treated properly. Manipulation of news by some people just causes chaos and endangers the survival of humanity. 

Get vaccinated at any cost, and make sure that governments get organised and fulfil their role, which is to be at the service of the people. Climate control and health have to be the top priorities worldwide if we want to survive.


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