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Electricity bills to be re-evaluated

2 Aug 2021

Citizens’ residential bills will be calculated based on a new three-tier tariff structure

The Authority for Public Services Regulation (APSR) has stated that it will re-evaluate electricity bills for the months of May and June for all those who complained of inflated bills. In case of an error, the excess amount will be adjusted in the bills in the following month. 

The authority also stated that residential electricity bills of all citizens will be calculated based on a new three-tier tariff structure – 12bz/kW for consumption between 0kW to 4,000kW; 16bz/kW for consumption of 4,001kW to 6,000kW; and 27bz/kW for more than 6,000kW. 

Twelve baizas is fixed tariff for summer months (March to September). 

Following APSR’s intervention last week, electricity supply was restored to users whose connection was cut due to late payment of bill. “High electricity bills are due to the subsidy redirection programme launched earlier this year. A decision has been taken not to disconnect power supply during the summer months,” Dr Mansoor al Hinai, chairman of APSR, said on Monday.

“Citizens will not be required to pay bills in full and can pay in installments. The tariff for the months of March to September will be recalculated in line with the newly approved structure,” he said.

Hinai noted that smart digital meters will help solve the problem of estimated meter readings. “There is an effort to switch to digital meters and the distribution companies are currently working on implementing it in order to solve the problem of estimated meter readings,” he said, adding that the authority has received 5,000 to 7,000 complaints on inflated bills.

“There will be a delay in issuing the invoice for July due to implementation of the decision issued on the new tariff. We assure those who paid their bills before implementation of the decision that these will be re-evaluate,” he added.

Hinai also underscored the importance of electricity firms adhering to high standards of service. “The authority imposes fines on non-abiding companies, one of which got a RO10mn fine.”


Comprehensive programme for electricity subsidy


The authority has conducted a comprehensive programme aimed at re-orienting electricity subsidy to certain sections of society in coordination with the departments concerned. 

The assessment comes within the government’s vision and keenness to ensure the success of the programme of re-orienting electricity and water subsidy to ‘entitled segments’ as approved in the Medium Term Fiscal Plan (2020-2024) that was announced in December 2020.


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