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TRA mulls regulations to safeguard interests of telecom customers

31 Jul 2021

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched a public consultation and survey on the ‘Draft Regulation of Telecommunications Services Beneficiaries’ Rights’. 

The consultation document contains a set of provisions and principals regulating the rights of beneficiaries of telecommunication services.

Through the consultation, the authority aims at regulating the relationship between beneficiaries and telecom service providers, in addition to safeguarding the interests of beneficiaries, and encouraging them to exercise their rights effectively.

The regulation also aims to raise beneficiaries’ awareness of their obligations, and to determine the obligations of the service providers towards the beneficiaries.

Some of the queries that TRA seeks a response to from the public in the survey concern reducing the period for solving customer complaints, amending the billing objection period, and reducing the time period from two days for individuals and one week for enterprise customers to transfer a customer’s number to another operator.

Some other questions pertain to the service providers’ obligation to stop sending marketing or promotional messages of third parties within a day of  receiving a customer’s request to stop such messages. 

Additionally, the survey seeks feedback on provision of special plans for children under the age of 15 years that need to be registered in the name of the legal guardian, and determining the time period for service providers to collect unpaid bills before they lose the right of claim. 

TRA has invited the public to participate in the survey and to provide comments and feedback on the draft regulation before September 8. 


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