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‘Cyclones could become repetitive in Arabian Sea’

27 Jul 2021

A top environmental expert has warned of extreme weather events impacting Oman with continued global warming and rising levels of climate pollutants witnessed in the world today. 

In an interview with Oman TV, Dr Yassin al Sharabi, director of the Centre for Environmental Studies and Research at Sultan Qaboos University, said, “Global warming and climate pollutants have dangerous effects on the climate. These are the reason why we are recording continuous rise in temperatures, decrease in annual rainfall, and increase in heat waves in the sultanate.”

He further warned that cyclonic activity in the Arabian Sea will increase in the future to record levels which may result in vast destruction. “Extreme weather phenomena, like Cyclone Gonu, may become repetitive due to climate change,” said Dr Sharabi.

“Climate change will affect many regions in Oman,” he added, saying that his centre has done several studies on the challenges that may arise due to climate change. “The use of fossil fuels and the decline of vegetation cover has led to a change in the composition of the atmosphere.” 


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