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Construction completed for logistic warehouses at Salalah Free Zone

25 Jul 2021

Salalah Free Zone (SFZ) has announced the completion of construction work of the second package of logistic warehouses covering a total area of 25,000sqm.

The facility will lend strong support to the logistics sector in the sultanate, enhance the global supply lines with innovative solutions and open up investment opportunities for national and foreign industries.

The second package of the SFZ’s logistics project has a full set of services to promote the strategy espoused by Asyad Group to power its investment projects’ economic roles and maximise their returns.

Ali Mohammed Tabook, CEO of SFZ, said that a steady rise in demand by local and international investors called for the construction of new warehouses. He said the leasing rate in the first phase of logistic warehouses project stood at 100 per cent on a total area of 33,000sqm dedicated for investment, commercial and industrial activities.

The depots and new facilities are distinguished for high capacity, low operational cost and world-class design that caters to future demands from all types of clients, Tabook said.

He added that the logistic warehouses provide flexible leasing solutions for different space segments linked to a series of customs corridors that accelerate the transfer of goods, thus saving time and effort for investors. 

“The project focuses on facilitating the efficiency of operations, thereby supporting the supply chains for various economic, construction and industrial sectors while at the same time offering ideal cooling solutions for foodstuff and medical drugs,” said Tabook.

He pointed out that the strategic location of SFZ parallel to the Port of Salalah and its vicinity to international maritime routes prepare the freezone to play a vital role in the regional and global supply chains.

Over the past few years, Asyad Group’s business team launched a number of promotional campaigns and international expos, with an overall objective of reaching the largest possible number of world markets. In its campaigns, the team familiarises investors with the competitive advantages and incentives offered by Asyad Group’s free zones.

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