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Volunteer organisation launched to make Oman’s youth global thinkers

13 Jul 2021

A volunteer organisation called ‘Glocal Volunteers’ that aims to bridge the gap between Omani youth and the world was launched on Monday.

Its two founding members Dr Laila al Kharusi, chairperson, and Mohammed al Touqi, vice chairman, conceived the organisation with the idea of Omani youth becoming global thinkers by volunteering in the sultanate and abroad.

Hon Lujaina Mohsin Darwish – patron of Glocal Volunteers, said, “Voluntary work stems from the core of our true Islamic belief. The Almighty called us in His Book to cooperate for the good and benefit of society in general. There is no doubt that with the cooperation of all, Glocal Volunteers will advance the thinking of our Omani youth and their methods of work to a global level, and promote a culture of compassion for others.”

Introducing the idea and concept behind Glocal Volunteers, Dr Laila informed that they envision changing the thinking of Omani youth. Volunteering locally and globally make youth more empathetic, open-minded and innovative individuals.

“Our aim is that our volunteers will take this new mindset acquired in the first level along with them to the next stage were they can engage with society in an impactful and meaningful way,” Dr Laila said. 

“We have six programmes which are tailored in a way to incorporate most of the aspects of social development. The volunteers will come out of the programmes with a genuine difference, not just a certificate. 

The programmes are of a minimum duration of 62 days. This is based on research which shows that to truly change someone’s thoughts and behaviour, you need 62 days,” she elaborated. 

“Each of our board members is programme director of one Glocal Volunteer programme. This allows us to work together efficiently as a team and ensure success in reaching our aim and vision.” Participants will emerge with an ‘impactful mindset’ from the programmes to engage with communities anywhere in the world and make a substantial difference. 


Photo and text by Syed Fasiuddin

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