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Initiative to assist visually impaired see benefits of modern technology

13 Jul 2021 By MOHAMMED TAHA

To support visually impaired people use modern technology easily, Taawon network team, in cooperation with Omar bin al Khattab Institute for the Blind, has launched an initiative called ‘Nisahilha’ or ‘making it easy’.

AhadSaif Suleiman al Omari, a member of the team, said the initiative aims to help blind people learn about modern technologies and important electronic applications that help them in their daily lives.

“Our team, which has nine members, held several workshops to teach people with visual impairment how to benefit from various electronic applications. The team issued an electronic magazine that dealt with all the technological services needed by such people. The latest initiative aims to train people with visual impairment to use electronic applications easily and integrate them into their local communities. We also distributed some brochures to spread awareness among community members to help them,” Ahad said.

People with visual impairment can use electronic applications to ask for help from anyone at any time, she said.

“We brought some lecturers with visual impairment to deliver speeches to them so that they feel comfortable when using modern technology in everyday life,” Ahad said.

“We will continue to hold workshops to support people with visual impairment.” 

She said her team is also seeking to create a special application for the category. “The application will include all the services that blind people need.”

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