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Solo exhibition: Mutant art

12 Jul 2021 By HUBERT VAZ

Fikra art gallery in Muttrah is currently showcasing 34 exclusive works of Iranian artisit Marjan Habibian under the theme – Mutant. The exhibition, which opened last weekend, will be on till the end of July.

“I just share my opinion, thoughts, dreams about life, everything that’s going on around me and how I see the world. This exhibition contains mostly the work which I have done from the beginning of the pandemic. What happened to me, what I saw and feel, also what effected my normal life are shown in my art,” Marjan said, explaining that the theme of ‘Mutant’ came to her mind not only because of the pandemic but also because of the mutations that happened in her life and her work. “It also effects my new technique where I use the pattern of a Persian batik stamps on my drawings,” she said.

Marjan, who obtained her Graphic Diploma from the Art High school in Tehran, and studied at Azad University of Fine Arts and Architecture in Tehran where she gained a Master’s degree in painting, is an artist with a mind of her own that finds unique expression for things around her. 

Skilled in abstract expressionism, she also includes figurative elements in her work and has participated in more than 69 exhibitions in Iran, Austria, Oman, Sri Lanka, Italy, Argentina, England, Sweden, Brussels, USA, and has won several awards, including the Windsor & Newton Worldwide Millennium Painting Competition in 2000.

Marjan’s professional work experience includes several years working in animation at Iran TV, teaching art at university and school and leading workshops in Oman and Austria. 

”Through my paintings, I try to express my personal highs and lows – and those of the society I’m living in,” she says, adding, ”I have always been inspired by nature, and by people their attitude to life, and to the society they live in. I search for answers in my daily life and in people’s faces. I try to read their stories, I try to get an insight into the way they feel about their lives.”

Explaining further about the inspiration behind the Mutant collection, which she created when being recently stuck in Iran due to travel restrictions, she said, ”It is possible to look beyond the eternal silence and peace in things of daily life which are covered by the dust of the years, or you continue to explore the meaning of mutation with a step forward into the soul of the atom. 

”In this exhibition, I am showing some of my paintings, drawings and monotypes which have been done in Iran and Oman, mostly from the beginning of the year 2020 until present. It also contains a wall painting for which I invited other artists of Oman to join in.”

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