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Omani philanthropist packs aid for Zanzibar

5 Jul 2021 By ANIRBAN RAY

An Omani philanthropist has organised a 40-feet container loaded with aid to be sent to a village in Zanzibar for Eid al Adha. 

The benevolent act by Naser al Jahdhamy materialised in putting together school uniforms and regular clothings (both new and used), copies of Q’uran and masjid carpets, besides masks and sanitisers for delivery to the Tanzanian archipelago facing the challenges mainly after the onset of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Jahdhamy is a known philanthropist who had just two months back visited Tanzania to help in construction of water wells in poor areas.

“Whilst I was in Dar es Salaam a few weeks back,” Jahdhamy said, “I received a telephone call from the President of Zanzibar Dr Hussein Ali Hassan Mwinyi extending his support for our work.

“We promised him that before Eid al Adha, we will send one container of aid for the people of Zanzibar.”

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on many of Jahdhamy’s donation campaigns around the world. Last year he was denied permission to visit Syria owing to the COVID-19 situation. 

“Due to the pandemic I could not visit many countries including Yemen. I shipped many aid items to Yemen and they reached almost 500 families there. 

“I also did the same for Zanzibar. A container loaded with wheelchairs, hospital items, dishdashas, dates and copies of Q’uran was given to Al Noor Charitable Trust in Zanzibar.” 

The donations for Jahdhamy’s voluntary works mostly come from people who feel for the cause. “For over a decade I’ve been involved in these activities and we share photos and videos for people to know what we are doing. Our donations go to many countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Palestine and Yemen.”

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