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Doctors in the limelight amid pandemic

2 Jul 2021 By ANIRBAN RAY

India celebrated the National Doctors’ Day on July 1 and medical fraternity in Oman too shared the same sentiments while acknowledging the contribution of medical practitioners in saving lives. 

Commitment of doctors and other frontline healthcare workers is in the limelight this year too with COVID-19 pandemic still holding sway. From government and independent agencies to online platforms, accolades for medical practitioners poured in.

Prakash Verma, who recovered from COVID-19, remembered doctors and other healthcare personnel with gratitude. 

He said he had his 70 year old mother admitted to a government hospital in Oman for the same reason.

“Though this is a day for Indian doctors, I feel there should not be any boundaries. Heath is a universal thing. My mother was treated by an Omani doctor and nurses and I witnessed how he along with the team devoted so much time for my mother. They spent hours not only with her but also with me and my wife. Like him there are many such doctors who have been working tirelessly during this trying times, and we must thank them.” 

Dr Ashik Sainu, medical director of Aster al Raffah Hospital Ghubra, said, “This is the day where we acknowledge the contribution of each and every doctor. And there has been no better time than this severe times now when the role of each one of the doctors must be taken into account and sincerely appreciated.”

Dr Benny Panakkal, senior consultant interventional cardiologist and group medical director at Badr al Samaa Group of Hospitals, said, “All of us have choices in life but for us doctors always the priority has been profession often at the expense of family life! Last one and a half year was particularly challenging and tiring for all of us. We don’t have time for ourselves and our families anymore. Our priorities have changed, and yes changed for good. Saving lives is not just a passion but it is our responsibility. We are doing our job and we will keep on doing it no matter what. 

“But it is time that we all joined hands and understood our responsibilities and help reduce the burden from the healthcare system by strictly following the protocols and guidelines put forward by the authorities to limit the spread of the pandemic. That will be something which you can give back to us.”

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