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Oman among worst-hit countries witnessing a surge in daily COVID-19 deaths

28 Jun 2021

According to scientific online publication  Our World In Data, Oman is witnessing a surge in COVID-19 infections. Mongolia, Namibia, Columbia and Argentina top the list with 782.38, 648.87, 599.56 and 431.38 daily new cases/mn population respectively, while Oman’s daily new cases currently average at 392.1/mn. 

The Ministry of Health reported 1,720 recoveries on Monday. The number of hospitalisation for COVID-19 related complications is also at an all-time high with 197 individuals hospitalised in a 24-hour period on Monday, taking the total number of inpatients to 1,650, including 506 in intensive care.


World figures


Namibia       13.44

Columbia      13.32

Argentina     11.14

Brazil     7.83

Tunisia   7.45

Oman  7.19

Russia  3.78

US       0.92

India    0.89

UK      0.26


GCC figures


Oman  7.19

Bahrain  3.27

Kuwait            2.11 

UAE    0.56 

Saudi Arabia   0.40 

Qatar   0.25


(New daily deaths per million people. Source: Our World In Data)


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