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Book lovers miss out on arrival of new titles

22 Jun 2021 By ANIRBAN RAY

Book lovers are eagerly waiting to get their hands on their favourite titles as consignments are indefinitely delayed. Due to the pandemic there are a few or almost no new books reaching book stores. 

Satish Verma, an ardent reader, said, “Though the world has gone from paperbacks to online reading, I am an old-school individual and love to hold books in my hands. I have been waiting long to read the new releases from Booker winners. The available stocks are old.”

An official from the Borders bookstore said, “There has been a delay of a few months for the books to come. We are unable to take new orders from book lovers. Our main office in Sohar is closed due to the pandemic and our supplier based in Dubai is unable to get down new stocks.” 

Favourite titles including Tintin and works of authors like Gibran and Rumi are not on the shelves of Al Bhaj Books. 

One staff member said, “There have been no new deliveries for the last few months owing to the pandemic. No new titles will be coming in the next few weeks too and we are unable to meet the demand.

“Right now, school text books are available and so are some classics. But some popular ones are yet to come,” he said.

He added that however some works of popular writers like Paulo Coelho and Chetan Bhagat are available and people still look forward to them. 

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