Tuesday, September 28
05:22 AM

666,000 vaccinated


Citizens hail brisk pace and smooth conduct of National Immunisation Campaign against COVID-19 at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre

The vaccination drive at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (OCEC) targeting the 45 + age group that commenced on Sunday has been running smoothly. The first day saw as many as 3,000 individuals being vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health announced that 666,000 individuals have so far have been vaccinated in the sultanate.

Dr Ambarin al Balushi, field manager of the OCEC vaccination centre, described the arrangements and conduct of the drive a “success”.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, she informed that the centre only administers vaccines to those who have registered in advance. “Currently, we are only receiving those registered who are 45 years and older irrespective of their medical conditions. The arrangements are smooth, involving minimal steps when registered persons arrive. 

These involve confirming their registration, taking a token number and waiting for their turn. We have separate sections for women and men. They receive their vaccination certificate after being administered the shot,” Dr Ambarin said.

She called on those in the target group of 45 + to register and await their call for vaccination. “We are here for you. We have to vaccinate because we are in a dangerous situation right now and the only thing we can do is to vaccinate and, of course, practise good hygiene. We are open from 8am to 6pm.” 

Those who came for the jab to OCEC praised the smooth conduct of the campaign. “The whole process involving a few steps took only a few minutes. They are doing a great job to preserve the health of the people,” said Jumaa bin Salim al Subhi who came to get vaccinated at OCEC. 

Aiman al Balushi, senior staff nurse, who administers vaccines at the centre, said, “We do this job with pride and I make sure those who come to me leave with a smile. After vaccinating them, I just advise them to take paracetamol if they experience fever or headache, and to take rest the first day.”

Those walking out of the injection rooms wore smiles and appreciated the staff. “One of the main features of the centre is the friendliness of the staff. They are kind and helpful; the whole process is very smooth. It did not take much time from the moment we arrived at the centre,” said Khalid al Zadjali.

“With the exception of the entrance of OCEC, which was crowded with cars, I enjoyed the whole process. Once inside, you feel good. The place is cool and calm, making the wait for your turn relaxed,” Zadjali added.

Record high deaths

The number of daily COVID-19 deaths climbed to an all-time high on Tuesday with the sultanate recording 41 deaths, taking the toll to 2,782.

Daily case count dropped from 2,529 on Monday to 2,037 on Tuesday. According to Ministry of Health data, the total number of COVID-19 cases registered in the country now stands at 252,609.

The ministry stated that 1,079 new cases have recovered, accounting for a total of 221,250 COVID-19 recovered patients. 

Two hundred and nine individuals were hospitalised in a 24-hour period on Tuesday accounting for a total of 1,517 inpatients, including 443 in ICUs – record high figures during the pandemic in Oman.


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