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Youth volunteer team helps afforest Titam

21 Jun 2021

To increase green coverage and protect flora from harmful pests, the Titam Volunteer Team has launched several campaigns in Dhofar governorate. 

The group started working on afforestation in several areas of Titam in 2021 to increase green coverage in Dhofar.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Suhail Salem Said, one of the team members, said, “We also aim to spread environmental awareness among members of society and motivate young people to participate in volunteer work. The team also planted trees and sprayed pesticides in agricultural land.”

Said emphasised the need to spread awareness on afforestation in the country.

“We are encouraging parents to inculcate this culture in children through our initiatives to grow diverse species of trees, especially figs. Our volunteers are eager to educate society and save the environment.”

On May 9, the group launched a campaign in Titam in the wilayat of Salalah to combat termites (Al Rama). Volunteers of the group cleaned trees and sprayed pesticides on 32 of these. 

On June 12 its members planted indigenous trees in Titam in cooperation with the Environment Authority (EA). 

More recently, on June 16 the group launched another campaign to collect seeds of indigenous species of flora in cooperation with EA and presented these to the General Directorate of Environment in Dhofar.

The particular campaign was in support of an EA project to plant local trees in various wilayats of Dhofar.

“To spread awareness on the importance of planting indigenous trees, the group launched a short video titled ‘How to germinate baobab seeds in five days’. The video lists the benefits of baobab trees and will help people germinate these seeds,” Said said. 

“We are uprooting some trees and relocating them to places far from homes and streets to help forestation. Wild figs are local species that fight desertification and do not need much water.”

He urged people of Titam to cooperate in their endeavours and do their bit to save the environment. 

“We thank all those who support us. We will continue our afforestation efforts and hope that all volunteer teams in Dhofar come together under one umbrella.”


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