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Summer accessories: Wear your attitude

21 Jun 2021

Summer is that time of the year when you attitude towards life is evident from what you wear everyday. Besides dressing cool, it is also the right season for accessories which can elevate even the simplest of outfits. Hence, it is so important to know what’s ‘in’ or ‘out’ each year. Summer is also the perfect time to wear your boldest and brightest clothes, try new trends, and take risks with your outfits. Check out these fashionable summer accessories which can brighten up your days:

Statement earrings

This year, necklaces are getting slimmer and earrings bigger – in fact, its the direction jewellery trends have been moving since last year. Bold, extra large statement earrings are seen to be a great way to step up your travel wardrobe game. Shoulder-grazing earrings are considered perfect to pair with off-the-shoulder tops, solid neutral outfits, or simple dresses.

Mask necklaces

Mask necklaces have become more popular as a cute and functional way to up your mask game. If you have to wear one, why not make it stylish jewellery? It frees your hands, and you can leave your mask around your neck when you need to take it off, so you’ll never lose it. Keep scrolling for my tips on wearing makeup with masks.

Pearl jewellery

Pearl jewellery arrived on the scene with a bang last spring and ahas continued unabated al through summer. They say, classic pearls never go out of style and in summer they add an element of being chic as well as cool as they seem to go with all outfits, casual as well as formal.

Round cross-body bags

These popular small, round cross body bags are just the right accessory for packing the bare essentials and looking great when you head outdoors. Stylish and compact, they are an easy-to-pack bag to bring on your trips in addition to your larger daypack. Carry it for sightseeing, to museums, or for a night out.

Clog sandals

The popular block heel and flat-form sandals that have been trending since last year have quickly transformed into the clog sandal. This is a comfortable as well as chic alternative. Also, it provides a welcome change from the typical summertime wedge.

Modern aviators

Sunglasses are affordable summer accessories and an easy way to change up your travel outfit. In addition to the popular round frames and mirrored lenses, the more modern style aviator is a hit this season – you can find square rimmed, even octagonal rimmed sunglasses this summer. 

Packable floppy hats

Functional and fashionable, floppy hats are for summer. They add just the right amount of breezy, bohemian flare to your look. Pair them with cool aviators to keep the Sun out and the style in. Go for simple designs with good cover – light and cool on your head. Floral bucket hats are also ‘in’.

Net bags

Beachy materials like basket weaves and netting always emerge in the warmer months, but don’t think these purses are only useful poolside. From grocery store runs to brunches, net bags are stylish and practical. Think raffia totes, basket bags, and crochet carryalls that add a free-spirited touch to your summer ensembles.


Quilted leather is a staple in purses but in recent months it’s been finding its way to shoes, scarves, hats, and other accessories, often with exaggerated puffs to accentuate volume. You may associate puffy quilted coats with the thick of winter, but these quilted pieces are equally suited for summer.

Silk hair accessories

Admit it – you’ve been wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail for the majority of quarantine, haven’t you? It’s okay, but now’s the moment to get back into the routine of putting some effort into our hair. Luckily silk headbands and hair ties make it easy to accessorise and even bring those low-effort hairstyles out into the world with some added flare.

Summer accessories for men

Cool bracelets

Whether you’re a fan of men’s jewellery or not, an understated bracelet can add a touch of personality to any outfit. Look for leather or canvas options this season that will not only be comfortable to wear in the heat, but also look the part whether you’re on the beach or at a wedding.

Travel wallets

If you’re on the go this summer, a simple travel wallet will be your saviour. Keeping all of your essentials – flight tickets, bank notes and spare change – stored smartly and securely, it’s a practical addition to your collection that will ensure you feel more organised than ever.

Statement sunglasses

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a pair of sunglasses, so do it with some real style. An easy way to add some flair to your style is to try a pair of statement frames. Go for a flashy pair, let heads turn.

Invisible socks

Forget the woolen socks that suck in summer. Go for invisible socks that are not just cool but also keep body odour away. Also, if you have rubber heel strips on the inside of your shoes, they’ll ensure your socks stay on your feet and you don’t have to adjust them every couple of steps. Invisible socks are meant for summer, use them everyday.

Lightweight ties

The thought of wearing a suit in the summer might be quite distressing but they will be some events which require you to wear them,  which you cannot avoid.- client meetings, formal events, weddings. So, make do with small adjustments like using lightweight ties. They won’t quite make a difference to how you feel in the heat, but will bring texture and a seasonally-appropriate vibe to your attire.

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