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Mercury rising, may touch 50°C again

13 Jun 2021

Many wilayats in the interior saw temperatures nearing 50°C on Sunday with the Directorate General of Meteorology predicting the heat to continue over the next couple of days. 

The Met department said in a statement, ‘A noticeable rise in temperatures, as the maximum is expected to reach high 40s and nearing 50s over the desert areas due to northwest winds starting from Sunday, for the next two days. Northwest winds may also cause dust storms over the desert and open areas of Oman.’

Data from the Met office on Sunday showed Fahud and Qarn Alam witnessing 49°C temperatures, while Ibri, Mudhaibi and Ibra saw the mercury rising to 48°C and 47°C in Adam, Bahla and Nizwa.

The department also issued an advisory for dust and sandst-orm for Adam, Fahud, Jaaloni, Ibri, Sunaynah, Haima, Hamra ad Duru, Marmul, Muqshin, Al Mazyunah, Thumrait,Qarn Alam, Zamaim, Buraimi and Yanqul. 

The presence of northwest winds, the Met office said, has also led to ‘weak condensation of low clouds (khareef clouds) over the coasts of Dhofar’. This might result in late start of the khareef season in Dhofar which officially begins on June 21 and lasts till mid-September. 


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