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Over 1.5mn vehicles registered till April

12 Jun 2021

The total number of vehicles registered in the sultanate this year until the end of April rose to 1,539,762 from 1,538,031 in March, according to a recent update from the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI). 

Private vehicles topped the list with 1,217,273, followed by 232,246 commercial vehicles, 22,929 rentals and 29,268 taxis.

When calculated in percentage the registration of vehicles by type, the NCSI report showed 1.5 per cent for rental, 79 per cent for private use, 15.1 per cent for commercial use, 1.9 per cent for taxis and 2.5 per cent for other use.

Among vehicle colours, white was the most preferred in the sultanate, with as many as 662,873 such vehicles registered this year. Silver was the second most preferred colour (197,854) followed by grey (123,118) and blue (86,872). 

As for engine capacity, the NCSI report indicated that the majority of vehicles (825,371) had engine capacities between 1500 and 3000cc, while 350,092 vehicles had engine capacities between 3001 and 4500cc. The number of vehicles with engine capacity above 4500cc stood at 200,350. There were 115,534 vehicles with engine capacity less than 1500cc.

In terms of weight, the report stated that the majority of vehicles weighed less than 3 tonnes, with their number reaching 1,387,939. Some 69,877 vehicles were more than ten tonnes in weight while 44,919 vehicles weighed between three to seven tonnes and 37,034 vehicles from seven to ten tonnes. There were 48,915 caravans and trailers.

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