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Omani Heritage

12 Jun 2021

12-15 years

First Prize –Firas Talal Al Busaidi aged 12 years from Modern Generation Private School


My grandfather once told me a story about a very brave Omani knight. Long ago, there was a man who lived in “Wilayat Nakhal” in Al Batinah south. He was given a nickname by his tribe. This nickname was “Al Farisi” which means someone who is talented in riding a horse. He loved riding horses and enjoyed it so much. He was powerful, brave and not scared of anything. He had a horse that he loved more than his family. He pampered his horse very much and fed it honey and Omani ghee. He treated it as princess dressing it special clothes. 

Al Farisi was also a great warrior. His enemies tried hard to kill him but they couldn’t because he was skilled in using weapons and fighting. Al Farisi loved walking and horse riding in the farms. So, one day, his enemies sat a trap to catch him. They plowed one of the farms and watered it before his arrival. When the horse ran in the farm, it got stuck in the mud. Al Farisi got down from the horse back and said “You were always carrying me, and today I will carry you. ” So he carried it on his back and took it off the mud. 

It was also stated that there was a war in “Rustaq” fort and Al Farisi and his friends were surrounding the people who were fortified in “Rustaq” fort. The fortified people had another fort where they used to send very fast horses to bring food and water to them. Al Farisi tried to stop one of these horses and attempted riding its back but because it was extremely fast and aggressive he couldn’t control it and therefore it took him inside the fort. Al Farisi got caught by the fort’s soldiers who tied him and took away his weapons. Al Farisi was taken to the lady who was on charge of that fort who was from “Al Busaid Family”. 

The lady was amazed of his brave act and his horse riding skills so she ordered to set him free, give him his weapons back and honored him with a gift of 100 qirsh which was the currency used in Oman in the old days. 

I really admire Al Farisi character because he was a very brave man who did not fear his enemies. I also loved how he was treating his horse with mercy and love. His courage and bravery were admired even by his enemies which means it was something outstanding. 

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