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Ministry warns owners to tow vessel stranded in Damaniyat Islands

8 Jun 2021

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology has warned the owners of the ship Shiv Shakti which has been stranded off the shore of the Daymaniyat Islands since May, to have it towed within a period of one week.

‘The ship Shiv Shakti, which is carrying the flag of the Republic of India, and is stranded off the shore of Daymaniyat Islands in the wilayat of Barka, must be towed and removed from the current location, no later than one week from the date of publishing this announcement,’ the ministry said, making the announcement on Monday evening. 

In the event of non-compliance within the specified period,  the ministry said it would ‘take legal measures in accordance with the Law Regulating Maritime Navigation in Territorial Waters issued by Royal Decree No. 98/81’.

In mid May, the Coast Guard Police responded to a distress call from the vessel after it had run aground close to the Daymaniyat Islands. 

The Coast Guard Police boats rescued its eight-member crew and provided them with assistance.

The Marine Security Centre later said that it joined hands with military, security, and other civil departments in the incident of stranding of a wooden vessel crossing Omani waters off Daymaniyat Islands, due to water leakage in the vessel.

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