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Skincare: Summer secrets

7 Jun 2021

Summer is at its peak and you simply cannot escape it. Neither can you choose to stay indoors all day to maintain your skin tone as well as temperament. But you surely can take some easy steps to ensure that you are able to take the heat wave in your stride without letting it adversely affect your complexion as well as composure. Here are seven time-tested beauty secrets for summertime. Follow them to the ‘T’ and you will find yourself tiding over this seasonal bane with ease. 


1. Hydrate, hydrate!

Summer’s the time when the need to hydrate yourself cannot be reiterated enough. The easiest way to keep yourself hydrated is by consuming ample amounts of water, and juices (not colas) on a daily basis. Not only does it cool your system but also cleanses it. It is commonsense – if you’re clean on the inside, you’re most definitely going to be clean on the outside. Water does wonders for your skin to naturally give you a glowing sheen all throughout the year. Give your skin and hair that added boost of hydration with products with ingredients such as ceramide, aqua and glycerine and don’t forget your regular hair oil massages.

2. Use a Sunscreen

It cannot be stressed more that you should not leave your house without applying sunscreen on all exposed portions of your body. And that applies not just to ladies but men as well as kids, too. Direct sunlight on the skin causes sunburns, pigmentation and dark spots – everything we absolutely hate to have on our skin. Choose the correct formula depending on your skin type. A gel formula for oily skin types will give a mattifying look while a moisturising formula will leave your dry skin dewy, while also protecting it.

3. Use waterproof, light makeup

Nobody loves oil creasing eyelids or an oily foundation that melts on the skin. Choose lightweight makeup formulas for a summer-friendly look without worrying about your makeup running all over. Give up liquid foundations and replace them with powder-based ones or better still a lightweight BB cream for a fresh dewy look. Use waterproof mascaras to avoid panda eyes, lip and cheek stains for the usual blushes that will allow your skin to breathe, too, while working its magic.

4. Avoid overheating your hair

Whether you just got a haircut or you always have lovely hair and you want to show it off, remember summer is not the time for it. No matter how perfect your luscious locks are after your blow dry, all you’re doing is draining your hair off of its natural oils, leaving them dry and lifeless. Make way for heatless curls or natural waves this season and keep the moisture locked in with natural serums for that perfectly shiny hair. Experiment with different hairstyles for all lengths of hair to keep the style quotient high but minus the damage.

5. Cleanse, tone, moisturise 

Our pores tend to enlarge during the summer months as a means for the skin to breathe easily. What this usually results in is excessive sweat and dirt clogging the pores, leading to blackheads and breakouts. The simple cleanse, tone, and moisturise beauty routine isn’t just the most basic way to look after your skin but also the most effective. Based on your skin type, use a gentle cleanser, toner and moisturiser and follow it up with a mild exfoliator once a week to get rid of dry cells forming on the surface of your skin.

6. Use natural products

Even though over-the-counter products are easier to access, it is always good to understand the ingredients going inside it. Some trends may seem tempting to try but aren’t always effective for your skin. Herbal products are always better alternatives, like pure rosewater to the easily available drugstore variants, or herbal hair dyes instead of the most popular ones in supermarkets. Even better, are the products found in your own kitchen that can work wonders for your skin and hair.

7. Let your skin breathe

This is definitely easier said than done but for those who do dare, going bare is the greatest things you could do for your skin. Sweat and excessive pollution can clog your pores, leaving your skin with breakouts and dark spots and nobody has the time to deal with these. By going sans makeup products on your skin, not only are you letting it breathe but also allowing yourself to soak in Vitamin D naturally.

Summer skincare for men

It is equally important for men, as it is for women, to take special care of their complexion during summer months which bring forth heat, humidity, and a host of skin concerns. Men usually do not spend much time maintaining their skin but there area few key things every man needs to do during summer if he does not want his skin to age faster than it should.


Exfoliation, at least once a week is important as the skin sheds skin cells all day long. If you do not, those cells sit on your skin, creating a dry and dull look. You just need to use a body scrub in the shower.

Washing up

During summer, when the skin produces more oils than usual, it is a good idea to wash your face frequently using a gentle face wash. This will help in ridding excess oil as well as bacteria from the skin.

Sun protection

If you spend a lot of time outdoors in summer, using a sunscreen is elementary. A wide range of products have been designed for men, especially those that have an SPF of at least 30. Use it on your face, arms, neck, and other exposed areas.

Lip care

This is where many men fail. Using a lip protection balm that contains SPF 30 or more is important. This can help in various ways, including helping to protect your lips from drying out under the sun’s rays.

Shaving right

During summer months, when the skin is sensitive to heat and tends to have more bacteria buildup, shaving right is very important. Wash your face with warm water to open up pores before shaving and use cooling shaving creams or gels which soothe the skin.


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