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Mercury crosses 50°C in Sunaynah in Buraimi

5 Jun 2021

Oman recorded the highest temperature of the year crossing 50°C in Sunaynah in Buraimi governorate on Saturday.

The heat wave engulfing areas in the interior wilayats intensified on Saturday with the mercury touching a high of 50.1°C in Sunaynah. 

The mercury almost touched 50°C in Hamra ad Duru (49.9°C), Fahud (49.8°C) and Ibri (49.7°C) in Dhahirah, and Qarn Alam (48.9°C) in Dakhliyah. 

According to the Directorate General of Meteorology, on Friday too Sunaynah witnessed blistering heat and a high of 49.8°C, followed by Ibri (49.6°C), Hamra ad Duru (49.5°C), Qarn Alam (49.4°C) and Fahud (49.3°C). 

For several areas in the interiors, the Met department issued advisory for dust and sandstorm. The areas included Fahud, Ibri, Haima, Hamra ad Duru, Marmul, Muqshin, Al Mazyunah, Thumrait, Qarn Alam and Zamaim. 

In its forecast for Monday, the Met department stated that clear to partly cloudy skies were expected along the coastal areas of Dhofar governorate and adjoining mountains with chance of intermittent rains. 

The seas will be rough along the Arabian Sea with waves of a maximum height of 3m.

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