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MAFWR harvests 12 tonnes of seabream in Musandam

2 Jun 2021

In a sign of successful and sustainable operation of aquaculture projects in Oman, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources (MAFWR) in cooperation with Blue Water Company, has harvested around 12 tonnes of European seabream fish in Musandam so far.

The ministry launched the aquaculture project for breeding and reproduction of finfish in floating cages in Musandam governorate in June last year. The work at the project commenced with the assembling and installation of the floating cages and fishing nets in a bay in Musandam. 

The ministry said that the project is located in Khor Ghab Ali in the wilayat of Khasab. 

The average weight of a fish reached 350g in less than seven months – a weight achieved in 12 months in European countries. The ministry said this is an indication of obtaining a return on investment in a short period at a lower cost and less consumption of the feed.

The MAFWR has carried out surveys in khors in the Musandam governorate to study the possibility of starting fish farming projects in floating cages. 

The surveys have proven that there are more than 30 suitable sites for investment in this field. The ministry is continuing to implement studies to ensure the establishment of such projects. 

The MAFWR signed an agreement with Sultan Bin Saud Trading Corporation to purchase and market the European seabreams produced from the project.

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