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MoE’s virtual forum on blended education begins

1 Jun 2021

The first virtual educational forum titled ‘Toward A Sustainable Blended Education: Reality, Empowerment, and Ambition’ kicked off on Tuesday morning on the Microsoft Teams platform under the patronage of H E Majid bin Said al Bahri, Undersecretary for Administrative and Financial Affairs in the Ministry of Education (MoE). 

H E Prof Dr Abdullah bin Khamis Ambosaidi, Undersecretary for Education, attended the opening session of the forum with a number of directors general at the ministry and with large participation from different groups in the educational field. 

The forum includes six discussion sessions on the course of two consecutive days covering four different topics – ‘Effective implementation of simultaneous lessons’, ‘Effective implementation of the integration between simultaneous and asynchronous classes’, ‘Effective application of electronic evaluation methods’, and ‘Production and application of interactive lessons in educational platforms’.

This virtual forum comes with the aim of highlighting the efforts and the teachers’ initiatives from various government schools in the educational directorates in the governorates, which have had a positive impact on the continuation of distance learning. 

The forum aims at defining the requirements for the implementation of these initiatives and their results to enable teachers to benefit from these initiatives in various educational levels. 

The forum also seeks to motivate teachers to develop their teaching methods in line with the distance learning and blended learning, as well as to spread the culture of digital transformation in learning by employing information and communication technology in the educational process.

H E Prof Dr Ambosaidi said, “This virtual educational forum seeks, in its first round, to highlight teachers’ initiatives in blended learning and distance learning that is imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and requires special skills and attributes that teachers must possess in order to provide distance learning that is sustainable, interactive and attractive to students. This forum came to highlight and honour the special efforts and initiatives of the teachers, and to strengthen teachers to provide the best, in addition to motivating other teachers to take the initiative, and make use of these experiences.”

Dr Maymouna bint Hamid al Abriya, director of Education Technologies Department at the Directorate General for Curriculum Development, and head of the Technical Committee of the forum, gave a presentation in which she explained the most important tasks of the technical team of the forum, which was forming a team in cooperation with the relevant educational directorates (educational supervision, information technology, curriculum development, and the Centre for Educational Measurement and Evaluation), to define the objectives of the forum.

A total of 22 initiatives were qualified for blended and distance education, which are the initiatives participating in the virtual forum.

The first day also included a speech from the sponsoring company of the forum delivered by Tariq Medhat, director of Products and Technology Solutions Department in the Education Sector of Bahwan Projects and Communications Company.

The programme of the first day included two sessions in the morning and one in the evening, where the two morning sessions focused on the ‘Effective implementation of simultaneous lessons’. The first session included three educational initiatives, the first was entitled ‘Distance Learning Tools in Mathematics’; the second was titled ‘Initiator’s fingerprint’, and the third was ‘Interactive Online Class – Online Sports’. The second session also included the presentation of three initiatives. The first one was titled ‘Learning for Oman’; the second was titled ‘Saw my picture and increased my fortune’, and the third initiative came under the title ‘Sigma Tech Balloon in Blended Learning’.

The evening session included the presentation of four initiatives under the topic ‘Effective application of electronic calendar methods’. The first one was titled ‘Interactive activities for the musical skills curriculum’, the second was titled ‘Smart assessment form for the musical skills course for grades 11-12 in blended education’; the third was ‘Question and answer in plastic arts for grades 11 and 12’, and the fourth was titled ‘With my ideas I make change’.



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