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Summer wear: Let your outfits breathe

31 May 2021

Summer, somehow, is synonymous with cotton when it comes to attire. If keeping cool and working cool is the need of the hour, then one needs to turn to cotton for the much needed respite from heat and humidity. The best part of it, one never gets fed up with cotton oufits.

To stay in step with popular fashion trends this summer, cotton, linen, viscose, and silk are the key fabrics to focus on for refreshing your wardrobe. The best fabric to opt for, when the mercury shoots up, should be breathable and comfortable. And what better choice, than cool cottons!

Cotton has been cultivated for over 7000 years making it one of the world’s oldest natural fibres that is still one of the most widely used fibre. Cotton is used not just for clothing during summer but also for tabledrapes, curtains, upholstery and many other uses. And, when it comes to sustainability, compared to synthetic fibres, cotton rules supreme as it is not just cool and absorbent but also durable.

3 three key reasons to wear cottons during summer

Breathability and moisture control

In hot and sweaty seasons, as the body perspires, cotton fibres absorb the moisture and release it on the fabric, so it evaporates. This makes cotton breathable. It also allows for better air circulation while drawing heat away from the skin and keeping the body cool and dry.

Cotton also helps you to remain comfortable as you exercise, keeping moisture from building up between your skin and clothing. Cotton clothes provide thermal insulation and greater comfort as the cotton fabric traps air between the fibres and allow more air to pass between the skin and fabric.


Skin comfort

Cotton fibres (especially organic) are one of the only natural fibres that cause almost no allergic reactions and don’t irritate human skin. Cotton’s hypoallergenic nature and moisture-wicking properties don’t aggravate dry skin or cause allergic reactions, even in people prone to skin problem.On the other hand, synthetic fibres can worsen dry skin by trapping sweat and robbing the skin of its natural essential oils. 

Cotton is also the best choice for those who suffer from asthma or allergies, as well as those with sensitive skin as the fibres provide least irritation.


Fungal breeding

Many people develop skin rashes and fungi during the hot summer weather due to exposure to heat. This is because heat and moisture is what leads to the development of fungi. This especially applies to underwear. Wearing Cotton innerwear reduces the chance of itching, infection and foul odour. Since cotton outfits breathe, they successfully absorbs moisture and keep the skin dry.

On the other hand, synthetic materials do not breathe, which means they retain heat, leading to accumulation of bacteria and subsequent infections.


Benefits of  organic cotton

Organic cotton textile is breathable. It’s engineered to keep you dry. Organic fabrics provide ventilation that prevents fungi to grow as compared to synthetic fabrics that encourage yeast growth causing infections.

Since the organic cotton fabric is all-natural. Just like a towel, it absorbs the moisture and liquid leaving your skin dry and clean. You feel restored and eased without fearing the sweat stains during hot summer days.

Organic cotton has the ability to save you from the heat during summer and cold in the winter season. It’s a weatherproof fabric. It traps air between its fibres to keep you cool as well as protected. It also helps maintain body temperatures during extreme weather. 

Organic cotton is produced naturally and is chemical-free hence it is hypoallergenic. It won’t irritate your skin or cause any rashes or allergies, unlike synthetic fabrics that may cause allergic reactions when in contact with the skin.

Organic cotton is very strong, it has impressive tensile strength and it retains its shape after the stretch. This property makes organic cotton durable and less likely to be ripped or torn. It is also machine washable with hot water. 


Summer cotton pants

In the midst of summer, instead of using the heat as an excuse to relax your dress code, why not look at it as an opportunity to bring in new colours, new styles and new fabrics into your wardrobe?

If you’ve been wedded to your jeans for all casual occasions, it’s time to look askance. Though denim is also a good fabric for summer, you can surely e try out new ones. As the temperatures rise, consider lighter weight chinos – a cooler alternative to heavyweight jeans. Chinos, like denim, are made from cotton-twill fabric, which typically ranges in weight between seven and 10 ounces per yard. Lighter weight summer options also provide a more flexible, less-insulating pant.

While there are the straight-ahead chinos, popularly known as ‘khakis’, the range of this classic pant goes a bit wider than sandy-tones and twills. If you look around garment stores in town, you will find a whole range of chinos to suit the extremely hot temperature in Oman. You just need to get out there and bring in the cooling into your attire.


Chambray shirt

No man’s summer shirting arsenal is complete without a garment made from chambray, a lightweight plain-weave fabric. Though visually similar to denim, chambray shirts retain the breathable and moisture-wicking properties of lighter fabrics, which make it ideal for spring and summer weather. Chambray comes in a few colors, though it’s always woven with a white thread to give it more of a pastel sheen. Stick with light blue (the classic), white, or light red for men’s summer fashion.


Linen shirt

Effortlessly stylish in its simplicity, linen shirts remain a decisive summer essential. Linen comes from fibers of the flax plant, creating a strong, absorbent, and quick-drying material — perfect for summer! However, linen wrinkles much easier than thicker fabrics, but it’s totally expected and helps create more casual, comfortable men’s summer outfits. Linen is very breathable, so we recommend long sleeve button downs in favor of the short sleeves. Shoot for olive, white, off-white, and light blue shirts.

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