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73,123 benefit from MoSD’s RO7.78mn social security grant

30 May 2021

The number of individuals and families benefiting from the Social Security Scheme (SSS) in May 2021 stood at 73,123, with a total of RO7.78mn disbursed among them.

In a statement to Oman News Agency, Salim Ali al Owaisi of the Social Welfare Department in the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD), said that SSS beneficiaries fall in eight categories. 

Outlining the conditions to apply for SSS assistance, Owaisi said that the applicant should be an Omani citizen, be among the eight eligible categories, and not have any regular source of livelihood that covers or exceeds his needs as per the schedule set for social security cases stated in the SSS Law. Individuals having no support to bear the cost of sustaining themselves are eligible for the scheme.



Category      number of cases  remuneration(RO)

Orphans                        2,307     249,479

Widows                       3,577     439,358

Divorced women       11,244   906,682

Elderly                        31,288   3,467,465

Unmarried girls  3,184     274,914

Disabled      5,949     2,416,656

Families of imprisoned    18628,327

Abandoned  91   12,464


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