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COVID-19 vaccines: No serious side effects recorded in Oman

29 May 2021

No serious side effects have been recorded since the national campaign for immunisation against COVDI-19 began in Oman, the Ministry of Health (MoH) said.

In a statement, MoH said, ‘The recorded side effects of vaccines were limited to pain at the injection site or redness or swelling, fever, headache, nausea, joint pain and general fatigue.’ 

The presence of these symptoms is evidence that the body’s immune system has begun to respond to the vaccine. 

‘These symptoms may vary depending on the vaccine used and the reaction of different bodies to them, but these symptoms often go away within three days after taking the doses of the vaccine,’ MoH stated. 


880 new cases


The Ministry of Health reported 880 new cases of COVID-19 and ten related deaths on Thursday. 

‘The total number of cases registered in the sultanate has now reached 213,784, and the death toll 2,303,’ it stated. 

‘The total number of recoveries is 197,080, while the recovery rate is 92.2 per cent,’ the ministry statement added.

According to MoH, 86 people were admitted to hospitals across the country on Thursday, accounting for a total of 746 inpatients, including 239 in intensive care.

The ministry confirmed that a national drive to vaccinate GED students, and teaching and allied staff in the education sector against COVID-19 is going on in several parts of the sultanate. The campaign will continue for two weeks.

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