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994 residential fire incidents in 2020

29 May 2021

As many as 994 residential fire incidents were reported in 2020 as against 1,152 incidents in 2019, according to the Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA).

‘Poor electrical connections, lack of fire extinguishers, gas leaks and poor storage and use of defective electrical appliances and other devices at homes on a daily basis are among various reasons for fire in residential apartments,’ said the CDAA.

The reasons, especially in summer, also include high temperatures, overloading of devices and poor maintenance of gas cylinders.

Talking about safety guidelines, the CDAA said, ‘We urge residents and citizens to abide by some safety guidelines including acquiring multi-purpose fire extinguishers. They should not place obstacles in exit points and corridors. In case of a fire, ensure that all members of the family are out of danger of fire and smoke, try to close the main source of electricity and gas if possible and leave the house soon.’

The CDAA also urged everyone to turn the gas cylinders off after cooking or before leaving the house, and ensure the maintenance of devices. People should not leave mobile phones connected to the charger for long periods. Relevant authorities should be alerted in the event of non-compliance regarding fire protection requirement. 

The CDAA also requests authorities to check fire safety measures before granting permits for new facilities. 

‘We urge people to rationalise electricity consumption, especially in the summer, and to adhere to safety conditions to avoid any loss of lives or property.’

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