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COVID-19 infections drop, rising deaths still a worry

22 May 2021

The number of COVID-19 cases in the sultanate has gradually declined in the month of May, but the death figures are still at an alarming level.

According to statistical analyst Ibrahim al Maimani, who spoke to Oman News Agency, “it should be emphasised that the drop in cases is no reason for laxity in adhering to the precautionary measures, which everyone should understand”.

Maimani explained that when analysing the statistics from the beginning of May until Thursday, infection numbers increased in the beginning of the month and showed a decreasing trend in the last 16 days. 

“As the cases decreased, the number of recoveries went up and for many days it was more than the new cases on a given day, which led to an increase in the recovery rate from 89.5 per cent to 92.5.”

He added that 14,503 cases were recorded in first 20 days of May. Compared with the same period in April, when 23,475 cases were recorded, it shows a drop of 62 per cent in new cases. 

In terms of recoveries in this period, in May 18,613 COVID-19 patients recovered compared to 18,690 in April, a marginal drop of 0.4 per cent. As for hospitalisation cases, the number dropped by 20 per cent – by 169 cases from 833 on May 1 to 664 on May 20.

Additionally, the number of patients in intensive care on May 1 was 275, which decreased to 251 on May 20 – a decline of 9 per cent.

“However, when analysing the death rate, which is the most important indicator, we notice that the numbers are still high. There were 218 deaths in May, at a rate of 11 per day.In April, the death rate was 11.5 per day – the highest since the outbreak of the pandemic in Oman,” Maimani noted.

He further pointed out that the number of inpatients received in a 24-hour period from May 1 to May 20 was less than 100, which is relatively good as it will directly affect those admitted in hospitals and intensive care units. “An increase in hospitalisations adds to the burden on the Ministry of Health and the capacity of hospitals. A new record in intensive care units was set on May 4 with 287 cases,” he informed. 

Maimani said he was hopeful of a significant decline in new infections, inpatients and deaths by September, as 30 to 35 per cent of target groups would be vaccinated by then.


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