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Royal Hospital continues all services against odds

19 May 2021

Despite severe pressure on its intensive care unit due to an influx of COVID-19 patients in critical condition, The Royal Hospital continues to operate at almost full capacity running outpatient clinics, operation theatres, oncology treatment and more. 

Dr Muhanna al Musalhi, senior consultant hematologist and assistant director general of the hospital, said, “We are operating 90 per cent of our capacity despite tremendous pressure on intensive care beds.” 

He informed that in April, the hospital’s various clinics saw 13,343 outpatients and 1,308 patients in day clinics, while 5,575 others attended virtual clinics. There were 1,309 operations performed in the hospital, besides 506 laparoscopic surgeries. 

A total of 2,028 patients received care in its Oncology Department, 513 in the Department of Hematology and Pediatric Oncology and 1,445 in the Department of Radiation Therapy. 

According to Dr Musalhi, the hospital has exerted all efforts to provide care to patients in the exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic. 

In light of the increase in the number of admissions in general wards and intensive care units in health institutions in Oman, The Royal Hospital has endeavoured to reduce delays in appointments and provide treatment for patients, especially emergency cases, and heart and cancer patients.

Dr Musalhi also said that the hospital benefited from the services of anesthesiologists and other specialists in caring for those infected with coronavirus in the hospital’s ICUs.

He appreciated all health workers for their efforts during the pandemic and thanked community members and other institutions for their cooperation during this difficult time.


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